If a scorp tells you they love you, is it REAL?!?

  • I read that if a scorp invests time in you and says the "L" word and takes you to the fam, its real to them and they take love serious. However, I have also read that scorps will use people to get whatever they want.

    Also, do scorps fall out of love easily or break up in the heat of the moment based on emotion at that time?

  • Cute Virgin,

    When a scorpio tells you they love you, and introduce you to family Yes!

    I had a scorpio bf, and he did the same thing and I said the same thing you did

    I didnt believe it, because their so secretive and mysterious and of course

    territorial so when they introduce you to the closest thing to them [family]

    it means something. Also NO they dont take breakups lightly nor loses

    at all. Depends see theirs the cool humble scorpios, and thiers the wild

    outspoken scorpios most scorpios think very thoroughly when making decisions

    and ultimately probe the situation before making any moves.

    They select thier surroundings, friends and lovers very carefully, so indeed

    feel chosen honey, they can be keepers !

  • Ok, thank you! I have been trying to understand why my scorp chose to end things, if our relationship was so good. Seems like one thing caused him to make a decision. Another scorp told me that when I told him that if he goes away with his job to a different country, that I was going to move to my dream city...it made him feel like I was not loyal and he did say he felt in the way of my goals...do you think its true. I have been very loyal, caring, and supportive throughout our relationship. I didn't mean to seem unloyal just was hurt that he could be leaving.

  • cutevirgin,

    Yeah thats a scorpio for you, suspicious.. on the other hand he's actually

    speaking about his feelings and where he is standing with you.

    so you have a clue what his sudden change is about.. he has alot on his mind

    it sounds like. when my ex scorpio began lashing out and getting suspicious

    he did'nt say a word ! it was like playing mind games and me being a virgo'i need lots of clarity..

    consider yourself lucky girl.. be there for him and comfort him, loyal is everything to scorpios!

  • @ Addict...I don't know how to be there, I feel the kinder I am, even not in a mushy way but just joking he stings the hell outta me!!! At first it hurt but now it doesn't, but I do become afraid I am going to cut him down with a low blow as I did before. His actions are very confusing, he seems to want me at out of life at times, but other times it seems we are working towards being friends. I feel he wants to be in my life, but not me in his, make sense?????

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