LIBRA Woman needing space ? Not sure what to do........

  • Hi everyone,

    In reading some other post (esp. about Libra women) I was fascinated with all the insight and advice. Seems like a very warm community and I wanted to be a part of it.

    I do hope to get some feedback from something I am currently experiencing, and it is both confusing and troubling to me, as I dont know what to do.

    Long story short - met a WONDERFUL Libra woman (she is younger then me - 34. I am 47 ) - and although we did meet via an unusual circumstance, we simply HIT IT OFF incredibly ! I had never believed in the whole Love At First Sight thing - but, after meeting her - yes, it does happen!

    Anyway, while there have been "obstacles" in both of our lives - for the last 9 months we have continued to spend time together when possible - enjoying every second. We have professed our DEEP love for one another on several occasions and even up until just last week where we spent the night together in a romantic cabin - everything was very good !

    She has struggled at times with having to keep our relationship somewhat secret and she is going thru a divorce (please dont judge). Yesterday she was presented with pics of her spouse and his girlfriend (she knew or had a very good idea he was cheating) - and for some reason she has shut down. Not returning calls/texts,etc. ? I am guessing she needs space,etc. - so that is my question : Do Libra women need space when contemplating things of the heart and things of emotional weight, etc.? What do I do ? Just give her space and hope she comes back ? I care for her a great deal. Thank you for any insight. D -

    n re-reading my post, i realize it is a bit short on more details (obstacles, etc.) however, it would take the whole forum to explain, and again - I dont want anyone to judge. The bottom-line is that I/we found each other and we are truly soulmates. So, again my question I guess is - Do Libra woman, when emotionally hurt or confused, or when presented with a dilemma regarding their own relationships, etc - usually just shut-down? Need time alone/space, etc.? Will she come back ? Ugh! Thanks ...

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  • Confused Cancer,

    This is a situation, where you cant look at it according to her astrological sign,

    more so of her personal situation, She's going through a divorce, thats hard on anyone

    no matter thier sign, perhaps she still has feelings for her husband but feel obligated to leave

    since there's another women in the picture, perhaps he was no longer giving her the affection she wanted so she reached out to a dating site and you had the open arms for for,

    now the only thing you can do is consule her because, you were aware of the situation when entering it, Confused Cancer. ask her to be completely honest with you

    ask her what do she want, theres some things shes leaving behind in fear of

    judgement. This process is not a overnight process, be patient and follow through for her.

    That hurt is still fresh for her so guide her and be there for her.

  • THANK YOU !!!! A lot of substance in those words from both you.

    Guess I will just give her the space she needs, maybe a periodic "thinking of you" and hope for the best.

    Feels a little helpless...but I guess it is all I can do.

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