LIBRA woman needing space ? Not sure what to do......

  • Hi everyone,

    In reading some other post (esp. about Libra women) I was fascinated with all the insight and advice. Seems like a very warm community and I wanted to be a part of it.

    I do hope to get some feedback from something I am currently experiencing, and it is both confusing and troubling to me, as I dont know what to do.

    Long story short - met a WONDERFUL Libra woman (she is younger then me - 34. I am 47 ) - and although we did meet via an unusual circumstance, we simply HIT IT OFF incredibly ! I had never believed in the whole Love At First Sight thing - but, after meeting her - yes, it does happen!

    Anyway, while there have been "obstacles" in both of our lives - for the last 9 months we have continued to spend time together when possible - enjoying every second. We have professed our DEEP love for one another on several occasions and even up until just last week where we spent the night together in a romantic cabin - everything was very good !

    She has struggled at times with having to keep our relationship somewhat secret and she is going thru a divorce (please dont judge). Yesterday she was presented with pics of her spouse and his girlfriend (she knew or had a very good idea he was cheating) - and for some reason she has shut down. Not returning calls/texts,etc. ? I am guessing she needs space,etc. - so that is my question : Do Libra women need space when contemplating things of the heart and things of emotional weight, etc.? What do I do ? Just give her space and hope she comes back ? I care for her a great deal. Thank you for any insight. D -

  • In re-reading my post, i realize it is a bit short on more details (obstacles, etc.) however, it would take the whole forum to explain, and again - I dont want anyone to judge. The bottomline is that I/we found each other and we are truly soulmates. So, again my question I guess is - Do lIbra woman, when emotionally hurt or confused, or when presented with a dilemia regarding their own relationships, etc - usually just shut-down? Need time alone/space, etc.? Will she come back ? Ugh! Thanks ...............

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    Hoping for some advice......

    Thank you.

  • Thanks in advance for ANY insight you may have for me....................

  • Hi I am a Libra woman, same age as you and also in a dilema which I've sorted out, but can honestly tell you that if your Libra woman loves you, not even wild horses will keep her away. Yes she needs time to sort out her current relationship woes in order to be free to love you completely and openly......... so be there for when she needs you, because she does, don't show her doubts but support her instead because no matter what her feelings are for her previous partner they obviously shared a life together and Libra women don't like hurting anyone and would rather end in an amicable way. We hate confrontations, and at times can seem withdrawn when having to deal with the "Adult" world. Patience and Love and Understanding are the virtues you need right now. She'll come back and she'll need your support.

  • Hello Sir, First let me congratulate you on finding her. She is probably a lovely person and easy to love. I am Libra and going through a similar situation as your new love (divorce). I have recently met someone that I am extremely attracted to and I am definately falling for him. It seems that he is the great love I have sought my entire life yet there are obstacles to overcome. THE TREPIDATION: Let's talk about the ex. The thing is when you have loved someone for a long time you cannot shut off that love you felt like a faucet. Losing love is like a death and it needs to be mourned properly. Add to this when you find out that the ex love of your life has eyes and has given his heart to someone else (similar in my case) YES THERE IS MASS CONFUSION. Your mind starts thinking crazy thing like "Why was I not good enough" or "He never really loved me"...all sorts of crazy thoughts. This information blindsides you. You feel devastated and extremely confused. NOW COMES THE DELICATE PART. I have no doubt that the love your lady professed to you is real and sincere. When she said it she felt it. Yes, she is going through a very confusing realization right now. The pressure of a new love might make her feel even more overwhelmed. Give her time. Give her a little break. Maybe call and leave one message letting her know that you are thinking of her and understand how she feels. Tell her that when she is ready you are there and look forward to spending time with her. IF SHE COMES AROUND then you know she is ready to continue on with you. If she does not come around then you know that the timing was not right and that she needs time to heal. This may be something that she needs to do alone. Love her enough to give her the space and time that she needs. I hope her broken heart heals and that you are the one to help her to love again. Dont lose hope and faith. She is either the one or possibly THE ONE BEFORE THE ONE. Sometimes what may appear to be the PINNACLE, IT, THE ONE, YOUR SOUL MATE, may very well be the relationship before finding your true destiny and fate. Stay optimistic and that energy will bring you the love you deserve. Sincerely, bf

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