Small Claims Court.

  • I am open for advise on this. Yesterday, I finally went ahead, and filed a claim against my former girl friend, I had a relationship that lasted four months, and ended in May of this year. I mentioned in a former post on how she used me, and used her kids as leverage, when I agreed to help out a financial situation involving a furniture purchase that she was suppose to help my pay off. So out of the kindness of my heart, and I was deeply in love with the woman at the time. I did what she asked. She has the furniture, and I was left with the three and a half thousand dollar bill, which I was still paying despite the fact that my "ex" broke our "verbal agreement" in paying half of this expense off. Raymour and Flannigan called my cell phone last week, while I was on an outing with my sister in various areas of Texas. The company did not get my directly, but left voice mail concerning that invoice, and payment. Being that I was angry over it, and my sister saw my mood change. She kept knocking me over what was bothering me, and I told her about the phone call. Then the story lead to how I got into this situation, and my "ex". My sister was furious with me. To make a long story short, she called her other sister (the first twin) to argue with her about it, because she was not told about it. The first twin tends to be "passive" when it comes to certain situations, but had a "hope you learned your lesson mentality with me" when it came to my situation. She did suggest that I sue, but I did not want to be bothered for the time being, and I just let it go. Then when I got pestered on my vacation my attitude changed. Then my mood soured further, when the second twin raged on me. She was not only hating my "ex", but I got the impression that it was more out of jealousy, when I told her what my "ex" got out of me, and the original store credit amount that Raymour and Flannigan gave me at that time.

    I see this clearly while I am in Texas on my vacation, that this was a mistake that I should not have let go to the wayside. I currently stay with my sister (the 2nd twin), and her husband. Her other twin lives in Kentucky. My sister had told me that the furniture is technically mine, since it is all in my name, and since my "ex" did not keep her word in helping me pay it off. I was criticized for not having a "promissory note" outlining our agreement.

    Though it was my decision in the end. I filed a claim online with the local courts in New York were I live, and paid the filing fees, and now I was assigned a court date in November.

    I never sued before, and I am nervous about it. I had stopped paying Raymour & Flannigan.

    Since it is in my name? I want it back, or she can give half the expense as she had "promised". I do not care if she hate for it. I know my "ex" will when she find out. She would probably villainized me in front her kids as well. The minds of children are very impressionable.

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    My suggestion to you since this is a legal matter is to go to Just and cut out all of the personal agenda and ask the question like you will have to ask it to the judge when you go to court. It is not expensive and a lawyer will answer your question.

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