Is love on the cards for me?

  • My birthday is 27/04/1970 alone and feeling very lonely. I am very outgoing, sociable, positive but I never seem to attract OR keep romantic love. Just ended a relationship with a never available Pisces man.

  • Faitheee,

    I see no love in the cards for you now.

    You will have to learn love. There is no

    other way to attract OR keep romantic love. All other programs can

    help you a little bit, but sooner or later you will

    end the relationship again because the basic root cause remains

    the same. Sooner or later you will be

    fed up with the relationship and your mind will convince

    you that this is not the right way to live.

    A child was talking to his mother, "You say God is

    very wise. I don't believe it."

    The mother said, "But why don't you believe it?

    He said, "If he was wise, he would have put more

    vitamins in ice cream. He puts vitamins in things which

    are uneatable, and things which are really worth eating

    are dangerous."

    How long will you avoid ice cream? The temptation

    will be such that it will be unavoidable.

  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    Many thanks for your kind response and words of wisdom!

    Where do I start though? I consider myself to be (or I least I thought) a loving, giving and generous person to myself, loved ones and humanity in general. I also keep a journal where I express my graditute for all my blessings on a daily basis.

    How do I learn to love?

  • Dear Faitheee

    Where do I start though? Open your heart and let love arise in you, allow yourself to fall in love.

    How do I learn to love? Right now you only want to be surrounded by people, but that is not love.

    And if you learn better to enjoy yourself you best unlearn how to do harm to others and to contrive harm. Give gladly as a friend to friends. And should your friend do you a wrong, then say, "I forgive you what you did to me; but that you did it to yourself -- how could I forgive that?" Thus speaks all great love: it overcomes even forgiveness and pity. All great love is above pity: for it wants -- to create what is loved! Offer yourself to your love. Great love does not desire love -- it desires more. How much is still possible! So learn to laugh beyond yourself, learn -- to laugh! And if you love, love totally!

    You grieve over what is not worth grieving over

    and yet you consider yourself wise.

    But the wise grieve neither for the living nor for the dead.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    I am incredibly in awe of your wisdom, thank you for sharing!

    I will heed your advice and open your heart and let love arise in me and allow myself to fall in love.

    I will remember that I am one with GOD, eternally and in every situation. Everywhere I am, God is always on my side, watching me unconditionally and loving me in all ways.

    Much LOVE and blessings to you !

  • By the way, besides love issues what else do you pick up from my reading???


  • Faitheee,

    what else do you pick up from my reading??? you should follow your interests, study that what is fascinating for you.

    Ta, if you want to hear the words, then it is

    better not to bother about the original experience. If you

    have seen the original you are finished with all

    words, all philosophy, all religion.

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