What color is my aura and do i have any psychic abilities?

  • i would really appreciate it if someone took the time to tell me.

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  • SoSeductive777,

    Your Aura changes from time to time based on your your mood, your feelings and you subconscious at the time.. Even if you appear to be happy on the surface your Aura

    will show your true feelings based on the color of your Aura.

    SoSeductive, I feel with your immediate peers, you seem to look happy and

    alot of your peers admire this about you,even as looking up to up.. you dont mind saying whats on your mind and being yourself, but its not always easy to speak up on your downfalls. inside your confused..

    I feel you worry alot, worry about the little things.. Its blocking alot of things from coming to you,

    when you worry about things you can't accept the blessings in disguise that the universe

    wants to send us.. In the future you will find the things that you thought were not what you liked or against your favor will be the things that send you the best rewards and gives you the greatest pleasure.

    Do you Dance or are into the Arts ? I see colorful flags also..

    You are very intutitive but your intuition is just simply another option for you, your worrying jumps in and your logic takes over.. go with what you feel, your feelings are unexplainable and most times make no sense thats how you'll know. dont over analyze things either, just believe,

    logical leads to analyzing intuition leads to peace. learn to trust youself.

    Blessings and Hugs.

  • Thank you

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