My Love, My Kids

  • I know everybody writes in about love, everybody wants to be loved, this is a fact. My love right now is for my kids. I have two little boys, well not so little, they are 11 and 14. I moved away from them to another state about six weeks ago and miss them very much. There dad, my ex, is now dragging me through the courts once again. I wanted them to move out with me, but he wouldn't hear of it. I know they are best with me. He is very controlling and dominating and they aren't happy in his home. Please tell me what you see with regards to thier future. I know they will be with me eventually. I am just not sure of when.

  • MuhmuhnahCherise,

    tell me what you see with regards to thier future: I see love arising, fortunately coming in their life.

    On the other side, unfortunately, their dad thinks, that respect has to be gained, because only through respect

    can you have a beautiful decorated self; and everybody

    will be supporting it.

  • Thanks for the reply. What do I see for their future? I see them with me. Before I left I had not one doubt I was doing the right thing. I needed a major change in my life for several reasons. My life just wasn't working in Colorado. As far as my boys are concerned I knew in my heart that they would eventually be with me in Florida. I had figured maybe a year, by next summer. Again, I didn't have any doubt about it. Now, of course, that I am here I am wondering if I did the right thing by leaving them there with him. I do believe that they have some lessons to learn while they are with their dad on a full-time basis. Some things that they have to learn about him before they come back to me. The funny thing is you said something about respect in his home. He had always told our older kids that "I demand respect from you, you will respect me" but when I would talk to my girls about it they would say to me "how can we respect him when he doesn't respect us". This I agree with you can not force someone to respect you. You can make kids listen through consequences but you can never have respect through controlling words. Other then me knowing they will be with me I don't know about their future. I haven't gone that far into it yet. I just want them to be happy and live day to day and be happy.

  • MuhmuhnahCherise,

    life is not just a small piece of seventy years in which youth comes only once. Just as in existence everything moves eternally – the summer comes, the rains come, the winter comes, and the summer again; everything moves like a wheel – life is not an exception.

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