I would appreciate a free reading, discouraged!!!

  • Hello,

    I would appreciate if anyone would be willing to give me a free reading.

    I feel as if I am stuck in ground hogs day, same monotinous day over and over again, day in day out. No changes. What does anyone see for me and when?

    Birth date Feb. 22, 1967

    If you need more info. i would be glad to provde. Thank you!!!

  • Hello Aenyu,

    You are now in a 9 year which of course is ending and the 9 brings with it endings or in your case a feeling of being stuck or bored to death with day to day living. The good news is that you will be entering a 1 in 2011 and many changes will come with it. I sense a residental move for you into a somewhat newer better accomadations. This will be happening in the first six months of 2011 the move is not a long distance it feels like the same area only a diffrent city. You also will become of stronger mind and want to change yourself in many new ways one in which will be your hair, your clothes. your skincare.

    You will become more interested in life and want to broaden your horizons through study if it is even just learning about diffrent cultures and countries. Your interests will expand and you will be trying new and wonderful experiences from the love dept to even wanting to line up and become a movie extra, joining clubs also. On a perosnal note here: I would like to suggest that you go to the library and get some self help books to read like Joyce Meyers is what spirit is telling me to have you read. Life gets boring and when it does even for me I say thank you God once a day for something that is good in my life, so that way you will continue to open yourself to more good and blessings that will flow to you not past you.

    Update us when the next blessings comes your way.

  • Hello Shaubby,

    WOW,WOW,WOW!!!!!!! I am amazed with your incredible accuracy.

    *(entering a 1) The spirit told me this morning to expect "newness" & change then I read your post and saw entering a 1, I looked this up and saw that it represents "new beginings" my confirmation .

    *re: move- We rented a house six months ago and "immeditaly" I knew it was only temporary, we are sensing that it is almost time to leave and "yes", I''ve had a desire to stay in the same state but perhaps a different city. We have also felt that we are going to be moving into "newer and better" accomodations.

    *I agree with stronger mind, I have made a strong decision to recreate myself by changing my hair color, getting a new wardrobe as well as looking into treatments for my skin (especially for my skin disorder which has been plaging me). Amazing! - you picked up on this.

    *I agree about learning, I have been desiring to learning more about particular areas of interest.

    *Love department (can you explain what this mean), does this mean things I would love to experience? or relationships, my daughter read this and was like "mom are you leaving us?" LOL, I was like "no baby". (by the way my kids were greatly encouraged by your post for they too are waiting for change)

    *I have already begun pursuing my love of the entertainment field and will be appearing on two tv talk shows next month.

    You have amazing accuracy!!! can you please tell me what you sense in the areas of finance and personal relationships (family&friends), also do you think moving into the 1 will bring a sense of "freedom" if so to what level? I keep being shown the word "power" what do you think of this? I know that I have a Joseph calling on my life, I have an exceptional life story including being abandoned as an infant. Is my time upon me or will I continue to experience "darkness" for a while longer (patience is a virtue) I am waiting for ascension.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I "greatly" appreciate your response, you have been a tremendous blessing and encouragement.

    "May many blessings rain down upon you"

    (if you need more info. such as a picture let me know)

  • Hello Aenyu,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    In the love department just means that you will fall in love again with your surroundings and life , your life partner will also love the changes you make on a personal level. Number 1 does bring a sense of self more to you and yes in your case more freedom.

    Moneywise there is more money coming in and I feel it is though what you yourself do in a creative way. Your children will beneifit from the move and love their new school and friends they meet, does one of your children like dance as I feel they are most gifted in an artist way here feels female energy , do you have three children? I feel your love for them and their for you here, does one have a problem with a leg or needs to watch what sports they get involved in as a leg injury noting that would be of great damage , just a need to be careful. One of your children is an A student or will be and loves history it feels like to me, making them want to travel the world when an adult. The word Power means that you need to take up your own personal Power and fly like an eagel up there where you belong. You were abandoned so that you could learn a lot about self love this time around. God is your father and your Mother was a woman that was in destitute and I feel desperation also here, she did the right thing by you dear and make you a loving, caring Mother yourself.

    Many Good Wishes To You And Yours

    It was a pleasure to read for you. Happy Days Coming

  • Hello Shuabby,

    Thank you again for your encouragement.

    Actually I have six children 3boys 3girls, the middle girl is very artistic in every aspect she just recently announced and is working on being a young movie producer, today she has been complaining that her leg hurts so maybe you picked up on this. My oldest son is very much into learning all sorts of trivia. We have relocated and traveled alot so all my children have an extreme interest in travel and hate to stay in one city for long. Thank you for your response it has confirmed everything I have been told by spirit and felt. Your response has elevated me out of discouragement to continue to hope and believe. Thank you for being kind enough to respond to my post.

    Blessings and Well Wishes

  • Hi,

    Could I please have a tarot reading? I am confused as to what to do about a situation in my life , Thanks So much

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