India or Philippines?

  • I am trying to decide if I should take my business to India or the Philippines. I need to employ some staff and I spend a few months of the year there.

    I have two three card spreads, one for each and a significator.

    The significator is The Fool.

    Philippines - Wheel of Fortune, High Priestess, Hermit

    India - 8 Wands, Heirophant, Judgement

    I have been thinking about the Philippines for a long time and had more or less decided to go there. India has just popped into the equation in the last few days.

    You can see my problem, can't you? I simply cannot interpret these cards. First time that has ever happened.

    Some help please.

  • I am not going to interpret tarot but instead tell you of a feeling I have had. About 3 weeks ago I started thinking about India, what it would be like to live there, the culture and living the lifestyle there. Suddenly I want to learn all that I can about that place and I have NO reason why.

    Am I picking up on your vibes perhaps? Have you decided what area you'd like to relocate your business? Do that in both places and then find out the need for your business. I see Philippines as an unstable place right now.

    Hope this helps

  • I love instability.

    I have been to India often. I know exactly what it is like to live there: exhausting.

    Actually the decision was taken out of my hands and I am going to the Philippines.

  • THE PHILIPPINES IS VERY UNSTABLE trust me, i'm filipino

  • How is it unstable?

  • Everything there right now is going haywire, everyone's always got an ulterior motive, anyone can just stab you on the back and the internal politics are worse than the actual govt's politics.

    My homeland is in an economic hell hole and the thing is its not that safe anymore.

    The only upside i see is if you can get a lot of partners and a lot of support no one will bother you. You dont need to be afraid of the big fish when you've befriended the sharks

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