In search of my daughters father...

  • Ive been trying to find a way to put my daughters father on child support.I have his state ID # DOB full name just don't have a SS# for him.I went to child support and they couldn't find him in there system.I was told that if he's been locked up that i can got to a precent and get him his SS# that way.I need help to find ways to look for him,PLEASE HELP ME!...

  • Does he know he has a child with you?

  • YES but he is in-denial about my child.I told him to do a DNA test and he refuses,i feel that he just doesn't want to be a part of her life period.I mean we weren't exclusive.I don't know what i should do.

  • Even if he was locked up, no one has the authority to give you his social security number, it's private!!!

    His State ID# can be traced to the DMV (Motor vehicle is where he got his state id)and cross referenced to find his Social Security number but ONLY by the Child Enforcement office. I'm sure that they know this, is he listed as her father on her birth certificate?

  • Can you get someone to pay child support when you can't prove he is actually the father - you did say you weren't exclusive?

  • TheCaptain, in answer to your question, if he denies being the childs father and the mother names him for child support, to exclude himself, a Paternity test will be done but ONLY if the mother files for a paternity test through the Court system and he is proven to be the childs father.

    This can be different in different Countries.

  • I think you will have to get the paternity test done if you want child support.

  • Another consideration. If you do go thru al the paternity stuff and do eventually get child support you will also have to have this person in your life to some extent. If he's the kind to fudge payments then you'd have to deal w/ that. Seems for most people the money outweighs the pain of it all but I found when I just let the fight go and let him go the FREEDOM was huge. Not having to deal w/ him was worth it.

    Even when we are closed lipped around our children they sense the resentment and negativity we give off it is not good for them.

    Best of luck.


  • You do make a lot of sense Pfree,i do have my freedom and i know with him back in the picture will just make things more complicated for my child.Ill just leave it alone then,its best for my daughter.Hopefully one day i meet a good man to be by my side.

    Thank you to all that tryed helping me,i know what i should do now 🙂

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