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  • When I was ten years old I decided to lay down the tarot cards for my cousin. What I saw in the cards was dreadful: my cousin was about to injure her spine in a car accident. I two weeks time she had indeed the car accident I had foreseen for her and she had a lower spine fracture. It was then when I realized that I have a gift, a gift helping me not only to see the future, but, at a more profound level, to help people in finding out what destiny reserved for them, to make them aware of bad things about to happened or to feel happy when good things are destined to come. I now am 30 years, I am a lawyer, am I continue to help people throughout the tarot readings. If you want to find more about me please do not hesitate to contact me at rebe_cca_tarot@yahoo.com or to visit my website www.tarottiganesc.ro

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