Lost brand new pink stone necklace!

  • So the other day I found this beautiful semi precious stone pink necklace. Paid $3 for it, wore it once and now have lost it I am positive somewhere in my house!

    It is very nice sized and is very soft and when I put my hand up to hold it you could rub it like a worry stone! I want it back!

    Thing is I think there is a "ghost" presence in my house of an old lady and last week my watch disappeared and I couldn't find it and that it appeared at a place I know I had to look at at some point in my search!

    Help it is not worth much, like I said I paid $3 for it! But I love it. It was on a brown leatherette cord with a goldish colored clasp. I sure could have used it around my neck today! TODAY was HORRIBLE!!


  • Bump and goodluck, 😃

  • bump

  • found! near the trash can on the floor!

  • That old lady ghost is not being malicious or mischievous - she just likes a neat house and she will tidy things away to the place she considers most appropriate for them.

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