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  • okay so this is my story. I am gifted. I can see some spirits, most demons, I am clairvoyant and I think a tinge clairaudient as I can hear random shii that unseen speak. I am empathic and can pick up on things from a distance ( such as the ability to see the spirits in someone elses home thru them (people). ANYWHO, I have recently found out that random spirits are following me. I was followed home by an average height male one evening...he began following me about half way home and refused to leave me until I reached the grocery that is in front of where I live. Then he stopped and watched me walk and seemingly disappeared. By disappear I mean, I couldnt feel him the rest of the night. This not the first time, I have a spirit that for the longest time sat outside my bedroom door...mostly pacing back and forth and occasionally attempting to open the door. I now use Holy Water in my house...including my sons' room as he gifted as well. I caught talking to someone on several occasions in his room. I had to nip that in the bud...I told my son he is not allowed to talk to all. Yet with all the things I do to protect my son and I...random things end up becoming attached to me and following me home like lost puppies. How can I avoid this from happening...I tell them to leave me alone...should I be more specific in my prayers? I don't know. Also I would like to know if I could have a reading for some of the other questions I have. Smiles. Help please.

  • Hi NeptunesDaughter.

    Seems you are attractive to these lost souls, like a moth to a flame. you need to ground yourself mainly and be in control of when and how the contact comes to you.

    I believe for the best part you are drawing this attention to yourself because you are not grounded and those in need of help will cling to you. You have the ability to send them on to where they need to be but you must break your fear and learn to shut down so that you may recharge your own batteries.

    You dont need to cut yourself and your son off from the spirits not all of them are there to do harm

    The one who walks outside your room is attached to the house, I get a strong feeling of military with him do you know your home's history?

    when you feel more comfortable in what you are doing you should try to connect with him, ask him why he is still there? Ask him if he needs your help,explain that you live there now and that he has no reason to stay. then you can help him leave.

    Dont be afraid of your gift embrace it and learn to focus it in a positive way ,channel it for the greater good.

    Whenever you start to feel afraid focus on a white or blue light imagine this light surrounding your whole body ask for spiritual protection and guidance call on your ancestors,and your guides to help you, they are always there.

    To help you begin understanding and learning how to deal with these things try to find an open-circle at a local spiritualist church or any place where there maybe psychic circles held i've been in many closed-circles these are harder to join as you need to be recommended word of mouth but once you get into an open circle you will get some help and support.

    I hope this has been of some help to you.

    Feel free to get back to me. if i can help in anyway i will be glad to.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  • Thanks for getting back with me. As for my house. It is actually my dads house...which he has three entities attached to him, his girlfriend who lives here has a few and her son (33) has one on him. The house is a newly built home in Virginia. The town I live in is of a fair size. Not sure of the grounds I wouldn't know if he was military or not. The town I live in was farming land for a long time before development happened. Some parts are still farming land. The spirit my son was talking to was not a good one. I had to stop that one. His gift is like mine only stronger because he is young. I will look and see about the group. My girlfriend is always telling me I need to embrace it...

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