Why cant we be together why doesnt he love me

  • his bday is 7/6/88 mines is 6/5/87 and we cant seem to get it together the problem is i need constant flattery and calls and stuff and he does not give it but is there any pysichs that can explain where we are going should i give up on him because i feel hurt

  • You pointed out what the problem is - now you want him to change to be more what you would like. That isn't going to happen.

  • Try to be less needy and demanding with the next partner.

  • but i want him is there anyone that can tell me will we ever be

  • i cant help the way i am i just came to the conclusion that i am needy and i whine alot because i have been spoiled and i cant change no matter how hard i try i fall really hard for whoever i like at the moment and i cant even like any other guys thats how hooked on him i am i hate him for doing me like this

  • I can help it! You need to have you own life. Never become consumed with a relationship...adscence always makes the heart grow fonder! Men chase not women. It is okay to be into a man but do not sweat him, when a man feels he "has" you where is the fun???? It is okay to call him to show your interest, but if he does not call back asap do not call him immediately back to back and don't beg for his attention. Most men love a women who can do her own thing. When you are preoccupied with thoughts of him, do what you love to do and take your mind off of him. Also are these relationships serious or just casual?

  • cute virgin,

    To make a long story short he is the first guy i slept with in a year we have been messing around getting to know each other hooking up watever you wanna call it for 4 months and i just cant let him go he is so sweet he is a cancer its like if he is playing me he does it like a gentleman if that makes any sense but i just cant let him go because letting him go would mean i have to start over with someone new and i dont like sleeping around i know for a fact if we end it it will be years before i can be intimate with someone anyhoo he says he is still getting to know me and he is not ready to commit and he does not think i am ready either although he asked me to be his gf before i rejected him and now he rejects me in that sense but he says he wants to be apart of my life he does not want to lose me idk

  • First mistake...you cannot expect much from a sexual relationship. Stop having sex with him and sees what happens. Trust I have been there and yes women have needs, but if you want something different, you have to do something different. He will never see you as anything more than sex.

  • yes i understand but he never pressures me and he still hangs out even if its that time of the month idk maybe theCaptain was right and he will never see me as more than a friend ....................

  • He likes what he has going, why interupt it???? He probably enjoys your company and I am sure you are a lovely lady, but there are the cool girls and there are the I want to be with here girls, dont setlle for the cool girl role, unless you want that and some women do depending on life.

  • SO TRUE i kinda told him i was ending it and i think he let me go hehasnt called yet TEARS but watever im never dealing with Cancer men again

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