Help with the scorp sting and push and pull!!!!!!

  • I have read somewhere that scorps don't waste their time stinging or hurting people they do not love. In other words, if they really love you and you hurt them they will sting or hurt you, but if you have no importance in their life they will delete from their life and memory. Also, I hear the push and pull game with scorps is that if they say "leave me alone" it means to come closer. So with scorps if you really love them and they are being cold and distant, what do the expect from you, as someone they really loved deeply at some point?

  • From a female scorpio, if I say "leave me alone" I mean it, and one should definitely heed my warning. If I told someone I wanted distance after a break-up it is so that I can heal, purge, and re-build on my own, away from that person. If the break-up ended amicably I would be able to leave room for a future friendship, but not until enough time has passed for the wounds to heal - and I will lick them on my own, thank you very much. The last thing I would want is the person inflicting said wounds to be buzzing around me when I am hurting. It is true about the sting, but we only sting when we are pushed past a certain point, and it does not matter how much we care or don't care about a person. We sting to reclaim our personal boundaries, or at least that's my perspective. The worst thing to do is keep trying to get in my space after I specifically told someone to buzz off. For me, that's just more ammo for closing the case on a person - because they are not respecting my wishes. But, that's just me so take it however you will...

  • Wow! Did I push, just kidding. So now that I have pushed my scorp former, can I redeem a friendship at least. In my defense when I feel a person is down or going thru something I only try to be there and because I have never witnessed his shut down I really thought my man is depressed. He really did not make me understand his feelings. Virgos do have a lot of care and concern, we mean no harm. So can I fix this problem...I would love another shot at our relationship, but if not at least friends we had a great connection.

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