Shuabby, could you do a reading for me? PLEASE!!

  • Hi Shuabby, I have read a couple of your replies and was wondering if you could possible do a reading for me? My dob 13 January 1970. My partner dob is 17 March 1969. He seems really distant and I wonder if its another woman that has his attention? Please help. I have had this uneasy feeling for 8 months and I just want it to stop. He is not telling me everything and I need to know.

    Please help!!

  • Hello Newmum,

    Your pieces husband is going through a transition right now and questioning his life purpose and what he really wants from the rest of his life. He will come forth soon with the answers. I feel disappointment within him with what he is doing job or business wise and how the money is there than not there. I know that with men they become distant and a pieces will withdraw to shelter themselves emotionally,

    Your uneasy feeling is telling you that changes are coming and you will be in for ending and new beginning in 2011 as you will be in a 9 year which can be your best friend as it forces you to open your eyes and mind to what needs to be let go of and what will serve your highest purpose in life. You will find that you will want diffrent people, places, things in your life also and will most certainly find them in wonderous ways as the universe will shower you with love and travel comes in here too. You will shed yourself of outdated ways of thinking and become the person you want and need to be. Charlene and Jessie , are two names that come in for you to look for if you don't have these people around you now, you will shortly and they will bring with them help and light into your life.

    Love Yourself and Find Great Happiness in It

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