Needing direction employment wise

  • Hi,

    I really should have introduced myself. A wee bit impatient, LOL.

    Long story short....I'm in a job where I'm really happy, problem is it's temporary. It ends in the middle of September (I'm in a maternity relief position). The person who I replaced isn't indicating whether she will come back, or take up a part time position, or what ever.

    I know my employers would really like to keep me. They have tried already to create a permanent position with my prediciment in mind (I'm a public servant). Unfortunantly the powers that be scuppered that idea, due to lack of funding.

    My predicament is though, do I hope that somehow they find a way to keep me on, (I have started applying for other jobs) Do I aggressively hunt down another job, or do I stick with it and make arrangement to move to the UK?

    I just really have no idea what to do, my intuition doesn't often fail me....I keep thinking they'll give me a last minute reprieve.

    Advice and insight will be appreciated.

  • Some managers work to retain people despite job funding cuts - other managers rule by fear and simply believe that business should be run like the military - especially managers that have fathers that were military men. And there is no loyalty towards employees anymore, so start looking, and continue looking even if you have job and once you land another one.

  • I have no idea what it's like in the UK. My feeling is to look aggressively (right now) for something that may be permanent. You might find something you like in a different line of work. What else do you like. Not necessarily what you have been doing.

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