• hey


    can i get a reading on whatever you may see for me

    my bday is 11/16/75

    i just had an interesting break up

    which i don't feel as bad as i thought i would about

    and still trying to find my path career wise

    i tried applying for my master's but it didn't happen this yr

    should i continue to pursue my education/ continue looking for work/ or possibly try to start my own business

    i have been wanting to start a non profit for teens but i just don't knkow which way to go

    anything you would have to say would be appreciated

    peace and blessings to you

  • Hello 1chelle,

    You will have an excellent time for education in 2011, the doors will open like magic for you because the timing is right to pursue higher education that will lead you into that business and more. You will also have an affair of the heart with life in 2011 as you will expand your horizons and accept only the best from the love arena. You will know what you want and will not settle for anything less, not to say that you will not date a few inbetween, it feels like that special someone will be coming into the sunrise of your life when you least expect it and will be most open to it. Busy new year for you one in which no fairy tales will do, only the real thing.

  • thank you sooooo very much for your response shuabby

    is the previous relationship completely over with the cappy 1/12/70

    as for school do you have a feeling where i may be going and if i will be getting my masters in public administration or something else

    should i continue looking for work or just focus on getting into school

    as to the future man/ men-- is there anyting i should be looking out for-- possible timeframe i may meet the most significant one possibly where i may meet him

    again whatever you see would be appreciated

  • and if you see this as well what the man may look like the most significant one

  • ...

  • thank you again shuabby

    i was about to give up on the school thing

    but i will rethink that

    i appreciate your time and will keep everything you have said in mind

    have a blessed holiday season and a prosperous new year

    peace and blessings to you and yours

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