What happens, After the angel says this too you?

  • Now what happens? After the Archangel says to you, you will no longer be reincarnated anymore?

    Does this Mean I have learnt all my life's lessons?

    What will happen to me now? If I am not reincarnated anymore???

    Does anybody know anything about this?

    Thanks and blessings to all 🙂

  • Perhaps it will gift you a new apreciation for all life has to offer-- things easily taken for granted. Enjoy the moment ---you need your spark back. Somewhere you lost track of your bliss. The Archangel doesn't whisper he splits the air with his sword--often says the boldest things to get our attention! BLESSINGS.

  • beaniac I was told the same thing but i was also told i would live to be over 150 years old their words and i said in this body that's one of the few times i seen Michael smile a little but they told me my body would be changing a lot for the better younger but what i understand after this 150 or so years we will live in the 5th realm and i am still learning . Tooter

  • It was actually Archangel Gabriel that did say this to me, quiet stern, I am nearing the end of my lives and i will not longer be reincarnated. ?

  • You wil be here in the 4th we all will till we move into the 5th for how long you will be i do not know but me they said over 150 years for me once we have been reincarnated the many times we need to learn the lessons and when we have learned enough we move into a new realm and it will be the 4th and now we will all be moving into the 4th the zero point is 2012 and beyond and the next will be the 5th how long for you i do not know but in the 4th we still have 3rd forum and in 5th we have forum but no need for food or water . Tooter

  • Hi, Would you be more specific as to the angel and how he came to you.

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