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  • The Captain...

    I see you're extremely busy...all over these posts giving great insight and words of wisdom to many. I hope that you can give me a little insight to my situation right now....

    About two months ago I met a man at my cousin's wedding. We clicked, of course instintly it was a great attraction we had for one another. We exchanged #'s and have been in touch and even went on 3 dates. I will admit that our first outting was a little awkward because it's the whole getting to know you process, but i think there's chemistry. He's a little laid back, and my cousin said he's shy and laid back kind of guy.

    He takes a while to return text's and yes, he doesn't keep in touch the way i would like. But, i know that before a relationship truly developes there has to be a friendship.

    Last Saturday we went on a date, he took me to dinner and a movie, had good conversation; held my hand, had his arm around me - all signals pointing to the fact that he's interested in pursuing me further.

    I've received advice from my friends co-workers and even cousin and surprise, surprise all different answers...

    I just would like to know if he is interested, or is he thinking back saying...hmmmm maybe this won't work out... I'm not sure, I would love to ask him to get together maybe one day this weekend or next week. But, what if his silence is a sign he's trying to back away? I did send him a silly text today which he replied but didn't ask if i would like to get together anytime soon. So is he truly shy and needs a little push from me or is he clearly "not into me"?!?

    His track record with asking me to go out has been consistent in the fact that it always happens at the end of the work week. So this is my dilemma...I'm also afraid he's too nice that if he isn't interested he may just say yes to get together because he feels bad to say no. i know this sounds so silly...but, i like this guy and think there's potential - is it one-sided??

    My DOB...01/29/82 and his is 03/11/78

    Please advise...thank you!!!

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