• I have recently found out that the guy that I have been into is with another girl...well actually I dont know if he is with her but when I went onto facebook two days ago a status that he posted up was on my page and this girl commented and then he commented. It was other comments but the only ones that showed was his and hers. Now the comments had me feeling crazy so I tried to forget about it until I saw another comment under what he said to her. i then started to feel like everything he said to me was a lie and I felt betrayed. I had and still have feelings for him because I allowed him into my heart and life at a time that was very rough for me.

    I actually want to know if there is something blocking me from experiencing love. I have found myslef getting hurt many times to the point of wanting to give up on being with anyone. I have been trying to understand whats going on and I truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason. I have had many things shown to me thats why I feel this way. I want to know why did he come into my life when he did and why couldnt he be honest with me about what he wanted from me and with me. He is a cancer. July 21, 1981.

  • Many Cancer men are romantic dreamers who look for fantasy partners, ideal people who really don't exist so they are constantly being disappointed by 'real' people and life. They keep moving on from person to person trying to find the perfect 'One'. They are probably some of the unhappiest, loneliest, and discontented people in the zodiac. According to his profile, your friend suffers from manic mood swings and depressions. He is not very confident in himself and his abilities and craves excitement, so that he may indulge in excesses that make him unstable. He tends to make decisions based on logic rather than listen to his intuition - with disastrous results.

  • If you want to know about yoursefl, I will need your birthdate.

  • my birthdate is 8-20-1982...thanks it sounds a bit like him. I guess its a good thing it wasnt meant to be

  • According to your profile, you have a fear of expressing your feelings - you like to be in control. But you must open up to your feeling nature and learn to be kind and tender both with yourself and with others. Your heart is in the right place but you suffer from an extreme need for privacy or the desire to keep your innermost thoughts to yourself, while outwardly projecting an image that is at odds with your truest nature. This is why you draw deceivers and dishonest people to you - because you are not being authentic yourself. Like attracts like.

    You will find fulfillment in a relationship where the flow of affection and trust is natural and easy to you. But to find it, you must be open and sharing with others about yourself. Your ability to feel safe may be elusive until you realise that true safety lies in being strong enough to handle whatever comes your way, not from hiding and protecting your feelings. You have astute insights and considerable powers of observation that you can use to tell when other people are being straight with you or not. And you can also turn it on yourself to examine where ingrained patterns of behaviour may be holding you back from forming good relationships. Don't close down when you are with other people - open up and use your intuitive gifts to tell the wolves from the sheep. in order to know how to handle your feelings, you must pull them out and use them, rather than lock them away until they wither from lack of use.

    You must also ask yourself if you do not have ulterior motives in your choices of love or friendship, because there is a tendency here to use others to increase your social standing or further your ambitions. People with your particular profile often marry the boss's child to get ahead, for instance. Your destiny is calling you to transform your personal relationships into true intimacies, involving nurture, support, and the expression of affection. Moving in such a direction will cause your emotional life to blossom, and you will then shower those around you with positive energy, tenderness, and joy.

  • WOW!!! is all I can say right now.I laughed because you got me down to a tee. I am well guarded of my feelings because of being hurt so many times when I did let people in on who I was and how I was feeling at the time. I have had people recently use me for "what" I have in me. Its hard to trust people when their words are differnet from their actions or what I see in them so it makes it easier for me to guard my feelings. Now I never knew I was using others to gain something from them or maybe I just wasnt trying to see it that way. As I think on it now maybe that is what I was doing because alot of those people had so much within them that I didnt like but dealt with because of who they were. Its been hard for me because of growing up feeling like I didnt exist almost like an alien. I always felt different from everyone else. I saved this so that I could go back often to read this so that I can start changing who I have been into who it is I want to be. I have been doing that recently because I didnt feel like I could be myself and that was causing a tremendous burden on me. Its hard to be around people who cant accept you for you because it doesnt fit in with who they are or pretend to be. Thanks alot for the reading. I greatly appreciate it. I am still confused about somethings but I am work in progress.Lol

  • I think you need new more accepting and less rigid-minded friends. 🙂

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