A family of twin leos, a cancer, two tuarus males and a lil gemini!

  • My family is diverse in the whole astrological sign thing. My sis and I (twins) are leos, my dad is a tuarus, as is my younger brother, my stepmom is a cancer and her duaghter is a gemini. my sister and i clash with almost everyone, except lil gemini, and i believe its becuase tuaruses are somewhat stubborn but emotional if you really work at they're nerves. my stepmom is particularly anal about respect and disciplne, and our lil gemini is so tiny and open hearted she just tries to ward off the negativity. 🙂

    i need help as to how to avoid WWIII. even the two tuaruses butt heads, just like my sister and i. my dad, especially, is stubborn, tempermental and quite scary. any ideas folks??

  • That just sounds like a normal family to me - hardly WW111. You have to be the good example here by staying calm and talking through your conflicts with those involved. You can't expect or make anyone but yourself change.

  • I am a Taurus, I have 2 leo kids and 1 pieces...we all get along well. Of course we have our moments....but it is always about love and acceptance in a family. And by acceptance I mean who each individual is. Focus on the positive !! That's my best advice !

  • thanks, but i do think its my little brothert the most. He is incredibly stubborn and when likes to "joke". of course, i get caught up in playing with him and can never really tell when he's hurt untill he crys or hits me. maybe i'll work with him more, because he sees to like it when i involve him or listen to whatever he says. Thanks again

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