Water Holds Memory!

  • Hi Ramonita, they've all gone home now and I can rest....lol.... in fact I think I am in great need of a siesta....I'm going to lay down read a little of my book and take some really needed sleep šŸ™‚ even though it is only 1pm here... šŸ™‚

    much love and blessings to you too my friend!...

    see you later, so now I'm off for my ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  • healing ways,

    when i open the computer a few minuites ago, my eyes, did complete circles, they went around and around like in the cartoons when i saw your name, was i ever happy, denise is back, healthy and happy, lets toast to that, then i open my email and notice your email, and was even happier, in that fresh air just inhale it, oh feels so good, i will be writing to you later today i have a articule for you. i pray to god that every day for you be like today with this touch of magic, that will never leave the air,

    praying always for you,

    sending you blessings.

    l0ove ramonita,


  • Beautiful Ramonita...."You" are the "breath of fresh air" you speak of to me!...and I get that on every post you make!!....but I will still go and breathe in the outdoor air too, thats where I'm heading of in a few minuets with my little dog :)....

    I just know a big part of my healing comes from you, your prayers and wonderful insight you send me everyday :)...

    looking forward to hearing from you and receiving another great article šŸ™‚

    MANY blessings and love to you (((Ramonita)))


  • Healing ways,

    may your walk have been a blessing to you and that fresh air done wonders to your soul, you are a blessing to us also. i wont be able to write a email, so i decided to do it here, i submitted to the articule why we crave sugar, it only mention two reasons when in reality there a lot more like poor nutrition, but the articules i found were way to long, at least the readers will probably have a little more information on this than before, and some may have all the facts on thier own.

    healing ways i would like to work on the energy healing which will be beneficial to alot of people,

    some people because of medical treatments can not take some of the natural forms of healings, however with energy healing this does not inter fere with medicatiosns and would be so beneficial to so many,

    theres three types of energy healing



    healing codes,

    the first two i do not know anything about them,

    tell me what you think,? and if you think it is worth it to give it a shot!

    your are the boss,

    have a great god bless day.

    with love, sending and asking god to give you health, happiness, love, abundance, peace

    may the angels guide you


  • p.s.

    thats one beautiful cat, enjoy it,

    one of my friends says she prefers pets

    to kids,

    pets dont talk back,

    have a great wonderful day.


  • p.s.

    now that my journey got her coconut oil,

    do you know where they sell paper pots,

    i am tired of doing dishes,

    thats where i am heading now.


  • Dearest Ramonita,

    I had a lovely "mind" relaxing day yesterday, was much needed :).... I've just submitted the article, another good one, gives a bit more insight on how our bodies and minds work!....

    With the energy healing, I just love all forms of it, I know a bit more on Reiki than I do the others and the Healing Codes sounds fascinating....I've heard of it but know nothing about it, maybe I ought to look into this....I've been doing Reiki for about 6yrs now, but sadly I do tend to neglect myself with it....the times I need it the most it seems my mind gets so "caught up" with debilitating thoughts I forget to try and calm myself and heal with Reiki, it's absurd I know!....but it's what happens, maybe I need to find a way of "triggering" my mind to remember do Reiki on myself at times of stress!!....I need to ponder on this some more!....thanks for bringing this to my realisation Ramonita just by you enquiring about these things has led my mind to thinking of this! šŸ™‚ but one thing I do know, you would be excellent at any natural healing methods to which you are most drawn to study šŸ™‚

    Now on to paper dishes....I know what you mean, I used to think same way when all my family were still at home ....lol....and in later years sadly my dish washer broke down....when I divorced him!!!!......LOL LOL LOL....only bit of fun šŸ™‚

    Hope you had a wonderful sleep and wake up to a day filled with love and laughter!...


  • my beautiful spirtual sister,

    have a god blessday, thank you for the compliment , so would you make a excellent, wonderful, loving natural healer, your love and devotion is there in it.

    healing ways, i really said paper pot!

    then i was laughing about it!

    but that is impossible, thats where wishful thinking can get us!

    love and blessings,health and abundance, happiness, let god pour down the barrel with all those goodies.

    love ramonita

  • healing ways,

    my beautiful spiritual sister, i so excited i just found the first articule , it is on a reiki and its benefits, on the side it has a fee down load to do a excercise, i am going to send our dear sister one to see if that pain she has in her leg dissappears, well at least for the moment gets better, and then dissappears, i will be sending yours tommorrow because you already posted two today and you have alot of other things to do.. i was going for a walk , again it looks like rain, i dont want a rain tan, if it clears up later, i will go for a walk. and walk and get my sun,

    i came running so excited before you left the office.

    love you and hugs, praying for blessings for you! all of them!

  • Hi Lovely Ramonita, hope you've had a wonderful day šŸ™‚

    This is just such wonderful news that you found the article on Reiki and you felt such a wonderful feeling from it :)....I just know you are on such a beautiful new path of healing when you do it....I'm really exited that you will feel the wonderful energies of it :)....and I SO pray our friend will get some relief from her leg pains with it!!!....

    I hope you get to get your walk in the sun!....I was telling Elaine earlier this morning I really should look into getting myself some vitamin D supplements due to lack of sun here in UK, but I need to research to find a suitable one, I don't want an un-healthy synthetic one though....

    I've had good day today, I took my dog for his diabetic check up and all is very well with him:) the vet said he is the healthiest dog with diabetes he has ever seen šŸ™‚ which thrilled me because it's took a long time to control his sugar levels,.... and then took my son to do bit of shopping and some errands, we had a nice lunch and a chat, we set the world to rights....lol.... got home fed myself and the dog and now I'm soooooo tired but a nice tired feeling, then the icing on the cake so to speak was I checked my emails and received a VERY apologetic mail from that company who I told you of, I sent them a letter last Saturday which included MANY home truths to them, and thank goodness they realised I would not be trampled over from them, I stood up to them and they knew their disgusting illegal acts was just not going to work with me.... šŸ™‚ so all in all I will sleep very soundly tonight....I know I need it šŸ™‚

    Hope you have a lovely dream filled sleep tonight šŸ™‚ sending you all my love and blessings to you!

    I look forward to next article so much!... Night Night see you tomorrow


  • my spirtual sister,

    i pray that your sleep is blessed, and that in the morning you wake up joyful, i am so happy that everything was work out good for you, take care of your dog, i know our pets, to us become family members, and we to them , they are so loving to us, we get a kick out of them when we are heading home and they are thier wiggiling thier tail, it is just a beautiful sight. healing ways i am going to send you the articule now so this way you can read it and post it. i am happy that the company sendi you a letter apolozing. hopefully soon we will come to see all come to a end.

    have a peaceful bless sleep, god bless you with health and happiness and love and abundance,

    love and hugs, your spiritual sister,


  • healing ways,

    i pray that this morning finds you in extreme good health and radiant as a peach! i was surprise not to find you here this morning, i have deep faith you will be here shortly. my dear sister, yesterday i went to see my rhuemotogist, you will be as happy as i was to know that my ana test came back meaning that the antibodies to my rhuemotoid are in remission, but my seds are just a little too high, my fighting will continue, working on them until they normalize, i left the house at five thirty in the morning, it takes me two hours traveling time to get to the hosiptal, plus the wait, i got back here at one thirty, i was so sleepy on the bus, i felt overjoyed with the results, i wanted to jump and jump, i lacked the pyshical energy yesterday, but i will jump to day, and thank god one more time.

    i wish to hear from you, and know sister, i am greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    i got the articule for chrisscat, about why we crave choclate, you might have at one time read this information, we learn and read sometimes so many things, they go to sleep in our memories. i will be mailing it to you in a few moments, i hope you enjoy the articule, i know you enjoy everything about health, but even more, to find out these facts,

    i was so happy to see that the reiki, there was a respond to it, maybe there many more, which they just listen and take in, just pray, it is for there benefit,

    the articule on smoking was awesome, so many have problems with this little thing i am going to forward you tonight something i wrote quickly about cigarettes,

    and a person email.

    i close here, praying that your day is full of blessings, peace, love, happiness, health, abundance you sister,



  • YAY!!!! FANTASTIC NEWS Ramonita!!! I'm doing happy dance here!!! šŸ™‚ This has thrilled me immensely to hear of this...... šŸ™‚

    sorry I haven't had chance to come online till now, I had my daughter stay with me last night, it was lovely we had some really nice chats, and the chats carried on this morning...lol... then this afternoon I had to go have my yearly check up at the doctors, they call it an MOT for humans lol....and tonight I am to meet her new man in her life, I look forward to that..... so all in all I had good day, I look forward to your mail and the article my friend šŸ™‚

    hope youv'e had wonderful day too Ramonita!

    see you soon,

    Lots of love, blessings and happiness to you too my sister,


  • healing ways,

    you made my day so much brighter, thank for the happy dance, i am dancing wit h you/.

    i am writing this and i pratically got to run, the article is in your inbox, dedicate to chrisscat,

    she will definetly know why the desire for choclate. and shiela, love you and god bless you made you have a terrific day and a terrific, meeting with the new man in your daughter life, may all be extremely happy.

    love ramonita

  • Good morning my lovely Sister šŸ™‚ I hope you had a wonderful dream filled night....

    Meeting the new man of my daughter went very well, he seems a really nice genuine affectionate person, he was very smartly dressed and had such polite manners, a big tick on that in my book šŸ™‚

    he works for a group that helps youngsters find work or job related schemes and courses for them,

    another big tick in my eyes for being passionate about helping the youngsters and wanting to get them on the strait and narrow so to speak.....and heres the big one!....he and his mother are Psychic's ...lol....they love everything spiritual!!....this first meeting with him at my home was supposed to be just a sort of pop in to say hello and cup of coffee and they were to head off for a chinese meal they had planned, but they ended up staying for about 4 hrs....lol...the time just flew, it was very pleasant, when it was time to go, I just couldn't help myself to ask him if he felt any presence of spirit on my stairs and near the front door, he stood looking up to the top of the stairs and after a few moments stood at top of stairs, he said there was what looked like a youngish lady who looked very serene with a lovely energy and aura of white light, he said she was there to protect me.....little did he know I'm a bit of a scaredy cat and any presence un-nerves me......I know, I'm silly...lol ...and Jane knows what I'm like, she kept asking will you be ok mum?....I just laughed and said of course I will, after all I have my guardian Angel at top of stairs....as long as she stays at top of stairs and not appear suddenly to me I will be ok (I sleep downstairs)....lol

    I posted the article on cravings last night, hope it helps chrissi šŸ™‚

    Have wonderful happy day Ramonita, sending you all my love and will see you later



  • Healing ways,

    oh. i am so happy for you but at the same time happier for your daughter, seem like she found one in a million type of man with good qualities, i congralute her, and i pray that it will be a good union in the future, to say the least he impressed me, and i have not meet him, sounds like he has a lot of good qualities. like he said she is there to protect you, pray to her and talk to her and you will see your self losing that fear, not to long ago, i was standing outside, when i saw my deceased husband come out of the house behind me and he was happy, he was smiling.

    i felt so very much at peace. i saw the post, shiela loved it, shiela is coming around to a lot of natural things, she loves coconut so much i have to find the coco cure for her, she is very dear to me, and we are always joking with each other.

    i am almost up to date with my chores, now i can do my daily routine,

    i have to make notes to see what i am going to send in to post,

    healing ways i dont know if it is possible to paste and copy only one part of a articule, i am going to send you the articule after you post, i know this articule you are going to like,

    it gives some basic instructions on how to do some reiki exercise for you self, i use to receivce a newshealth letter, but each day they use to mail me articule and i had to stop, because i could never catch up with the articule, lets see what you could do with the articule, i have to wait for my daughter to come again and slowly guide me to pasting and copying, but right now as it stands i do not want to overload the readers, giving them time to see if there some information they want or need

    such a spiritual community, and we are all so scatter, around the globe. i pray that you have a peaceful night, which i believe you are already sleeping may that sleep be peaceful and you lose that fear,

    i send you my love,

    and at the same time i ask god to give you health , happiness, love, peace and abundance.

    thank you for sharing with me the night you had with your daughter, it uplifted your spirits even more, and that is a true blessing initself.

    see you tommorrow,

    with love



  • Healing ways,

    still sending healing prayers to your son and you, i pray that soon you will tell me he is doing go and walked past the storm, after i email you the articule, i went to the store, on my way to the store, some with technology i am brain unaware, i kept wondering, i wonder how she is going to do it. you did a fanastic job, wish i lived close to do so we could work better together, i was also happy we got one very positive reply, with is awesome. i didnot remember i had that articule, suddenly when i was reading a email, it hit me. i will write to you about it later on tonight. last night i did my first session on my self and i will do it daily from now on. healing ways as you suggested one day you post and the next i send you a articule, when i brought up the first reiki articule , i never imagine, i could give the readers the first taste of reiki, and i am so happy. i have a few articules, that i belive that the information is not new to you, but i believe it will be very benefical to those who will be coming in to natural wonders, god gave us so many wonderful things, to use, the first thing he gave us is that computer he install in us, unfortunetly some have to rewired it to use it to thier benefit, we sometimes send the wrong messages to our bodies. i look so much forward to hearing from you and hearing what you have to say to me.

    when you first invited me in, you never imagine the passion i have for this, did you? for now i will let you go, wishing and praying the god, sheds his eternal light of peace and hope, and love over you and your son, may today be a wonderful day for both,

    i ask god to bless you, happiness, health, love, peace, abundance,

    love your sister,

    i am missing two of my sisters, my sweet shiela, my sweet elaine, girls i am walking around with both in my heart.

    love ramonita

  • Hello beautiful Heart!!....

    Thank you so much for your healing prayers Ramonita, I'm not just saying this but I do feel whats happened is being healed in such a speedier time that even I am SO delighted, the heaviness of his heart was so much "lighter" yesterday, and I just KNOW your healing prayers to us is so powerful.....THANK YOU!!....at times like this just saying thank you feels so inadequate, but I'm sure you feel and know my gratitude to you šŸ™‚

    I just read your mail to me, I'm SO thrilled you had that realisation with the article....I just KNOW the floodgates of healing will be very much present, more than ever for all the fortunate ones who cross your path and your beautiful Heart....

    you got me doing that happy dance again my friend šŸ™‚

    BLESSINGS to you Ramonita


  • healing ways,

    that is fanastic news that he is healing fast, i celebrate that with your happy dance, i told shiela what happen and she has had you and your son in her prayers too. healing ways not just they cross my path also yours, we were join for a reason, and we are getting some good positive results,i have to see delberto post later, and also do the reiki on my self, also want to get me the everything reiki book. it teaches more techniques, and she goes into more details, i will continue to pray for you and your son, healing ways if you ever want to post and dont have material, let me know i have work hard these last few days and saved alot of information, to send it to you little by little, i dont know if later on i can answer your email, today i came to the forum about five thirty which is a late hour, for me, ususally i spend the day poping in and out. healing ways i love that dancing doll, it looks like a mexican doll. because of the dress. i pray you had a peaceful day, pray that you sleep well tongiht, tommorrow is another day, to look forward too, may it bring plenty of blessings, from heaven, health, happiness, love, peace and abundance,

    i believe that now you are sleeping here it is seven p.m. the time was change one hour down, it should be eight oclock but i feel like it is ten at night, i dont know what time i got up, again, i am extremely happy that your son is healing faster, thank god!

    good night,


  • for the morning,

    good morning sister,

    have a god bless day

    love and hugs,

    your sister,