Water Holds Memory!

  • I just sent Bee email to ask her if she would send my email address again to you, it starts off with...

    d.matthews ..... so I think that is where the mix up has been made :)....no worries my friend, we will get there:)


  • I tell you what though ramonita, my late Father's name was WILLIAM.... how wonderfully strange this mix up is eh!....

  • healing ways,

    i believe at this hour you are sleeping , i pray that the angels give you guiding dreams, and you wake up in the morning feeling fresh as a new born, healing ways i am a empathic, i havenot develope, my abilites, come through mistakes, or songs that suddenly pop into my head, when day i will write you in long detail and you will say, what, i had this experience yesterday with a dear friend of mine, she ask me a question about a sign the universe was sending her, and i wrote the wrong word without thinking about it, then i told her that is it.

    your father is sending you his love.


    did you finally get the articule? I am here with my fingers crossed,

    by the way today i email you a articule,

    that is in webmd.

    it is about the benefits of sex, how it reduces stress, alleviates pain, and so on, read and enjoy,

    well, i hope and pray we capture alot of attention when this one comes out into these pages.

    they will probably x the word sex, well what can you do. it is not bieng used in a dirty way.

    today was a big problem for me, i couldnot log in to my yahoo,.account, the matter is still not clear up yahool is my default provider,

    sending you my love,



    gods shinning light over you.


  • My dear friend Ramonita....I can't tell you how wonderful it was that my Dad is sending me love at this very moment in time, I SO needed to hear this and it has warmed my heart so much šŸ™‚ thank you for passing this on to me :).... and I did wake up feeling so good this morning šŸ™‚

    I'm so sorry to say I haven't received your mail šŸ˜ž ...but I tell you what, it sounds fantastic!....only snag for me with it would be having to find a "virtual" partner for that one....I'm single and live alone.....LOL....but, I'm content with that though :)...but I still look forward very much to reading it...I really must try and get my email to you, what I will do is look out for you being online then I will post it and hopefully you will get it before admin removes it šŸ™‚

    MUCH love and blessings to you Ramonita!


  • Hi ILoveFish,

    I just posted on the other thread (the healing foods one) and just realised it was on this one you've been posting on....but I was just asking if all is well with you as I haven't seen you in a couple of days, but I just wanted to send love, healing, and positive vibes your way šŸ™‚


  • healing ways,

    i am so happy for you that you woke up feeling great this morning may it be like that everyday,

    i am going to write to angel bee, so she can forward to you my addresses, i am going to try to get these articules to you thru gmail, that is where the one i messed up on copying, came in

    on my computer it came in the spam box, try to set your spam box free until it gets thru,

    i dont know why they consider these articules spam, yet i get sometimes spam in my regular email, crazy right, these are health articules,

    and when you recievce the email from bee set me up in your contacts, the funny thing is that niether articule has come back.

    i assumed spam ate it, this time it was not alvin,

    now is init wonderful, nature, even s. e. x. is beneficial to us,

    wow, my sister, i also need a patrner, but to be on the safe side, please wear swimming suit,

    whatever you do this weekend, have a wonderful weekend, may it be full of laughs, abundance, health,

    blessings to you,

    i love fish we are missing you,

    rising phoenix,

    when you come out of your concert, i have a standing ovation for you!

    ramo de risas,

    healing ways this is what rising phoenix has name me,

    in spanish it means,

    a bouquet of laughter,

    is that beautiful! very beautiful!

    i will be back,


  • Ramonita...it is certainly a very beautiful and fitting name Rising gave to you....:)

    I'm having a lovely weekend thanks my friend, and I certainly wish the same for you you....

    I spent yesterday with granddaughter like I said, it was SO lovely but oh so tiring.....lol

    and so today I'm trying to catch up with the posts on here, I do worry in case I miss answering anyone, I would hate them to think that I ignore anyone,.....

    I'm so glad we at last got connected and can now pass on all our articles!....and not to forget our friendship! I look forward to reading and keeping in touch Ramo de Risas.

    see you soon šŸ™‚


  • healing ways,

    the above is just beautiful, i can say from the very bottom of my heart, it has been an extreme joy to know you and work with you on this so important project, it thrills me so much, you can never possibly imagine. i am so happy you had a beautiful day with your grandaughter yesterday, dont worry too much about not bieng able to answer someone at the moment, for i as a person understand that we have to meet our obligations first, and it seems the day never has enough time, tell me about it. i firmly believe thats why so many of our wonderful readers, pyshics, have decided to leave the forum, the demand and pressure on them is just to much and they are also human biengs, that need time for themselves.

    right now i am waiting for the day to become lighter, so i can really clean the second part of the house, my house has window in the front but on the top wall so the guest dining room and living room doesnot have too much lighting.

    healing ways you will get mail from genesisalivira, in a little while, i am going to start as soon as i post this to you, i first want to see if it goes thru that account is a gmail account, then i will try to resend the articule, even if it is short just forward it so i be sure that you will recievce, i will send it sometime today, bieng that tommorrow i have a appointment with my primary,


  • Ramonita.... the picture SO reminded me of you!... a perfect beautiful "Angel Rose"....

    and trust me, I feel your warmth and love in all this, I'm the one thats so grateful that we are doing this together :)....and thank you for the understanding of what "life" does sometimes and makes us not able to do what we want to do all the time....we really do need to have a break sometimes to recharge our batteries don't we:)....

    love and healing to you


  • my dear sister,

    thank your for that beautiful bouquet of pink roses,

    first thing i did when i opened the computer was go back to look at it,

    lately everyone has been doing a very loving job and the forum pages are coming to life, with all the beautiful pictures everyone is posting..

    i hope your weekend continue wonderful,

    i wrote you from genesis, i hope the articule got thru, i pass it on to shiela, she receivced it and shiela pass it on to notshy, so i am bieng very positive that it got to you this time. i am glad you understand when you tell me that years ago, you had the same posting talent i have, what amazes me is i tried to program the tv remote to tape a movie, i read the manual, and my youngest grandson without reading the instructions, and tell me, grandma give me that and without reading the instructions, he programs it,

    i think the kids know had computer classes before they were born. up in london it is about ten oclock, so i wish you a good night, filled with blessings from god.

    in the morning when you wake up, may your day be filed with all the blessings from god.

    tommorrow i have a doctors appointment,

    love, blessings, light,


  • healing ways,

    praying that you are healthy and happy, a few minuites ago i was able to reopen my lap top, and went straight to my genesis account, yes i did get a laugh, you would have gotten a good one of you would have seen me when i formed the cho, cho, train, i started joking about how you were going to fired me when you saw how i missed up the post, as soon as i get a chance i will post it for you in my ramonita post, so you can get a even better laugh, when i first got the computer,

    my son the genious, but a lousy teacher, open the computer, set up windows for me, set up my antivirus, turn off the computer, call me, and told me, look this is how you work this, he touch the power bottom , when window came up, he click internet explorer, then told me with his serious face, now you type in the search box what you are looking for, a week later he comes home from work finds my oldest grandson at the table teaching me to work and opening a email account, and doing small stuff on the computer, he throw his hands up in the air, and says i give up, i taught everything i know about using a computer, my grandson tell his father, if you taught her all you know about using a computer, i feel sorry for you, with a serious face he replys and who may i ask taught you, my teacher my grandson replies, i taught you told replys my son, my grandson is getting irrated, he tell his father, you taught me the same three things you taught grandma, to hit the power buttiom, to scan the computer, wait for window to come up,

    and them type and the search box what information you want, my son did like a dog, put his tail between his legs and go upstairs into his room, i was still sitting with my grandson, i couldnot stop laughing.

    now changing the subject, i was so happy to know that you loved the articule, i love it to when i recievced, i always saved it, knew someday it was going to come in handy, i just pray that the sisters on the forum will get benefits from , it, health is from a-z, theres no way around it.

    i am so happy we are connected on both sides, i have to close up now, i pray for your health and happiness, and all good things added, i hope with the above you got a good laugh.

    love, hugs,


  • LOL....I sure did my friend, you were echoing ALL my Son said to me, they just expect us to take to it like ducks to water, they don't realise we weren't brought up with this sort of technology....they called me the Dinosaur ....lol....BUT I did have one up on my Son, I taught myself to make inspirational videos to put on You Tube....and he was impressed with that.....I didn't tell him it took me forever to work it out though....but I just couldn't let it beat me! šŸ™‚

    I really did like the article Ramonita and you got me wanting to do more juicing!....the ones on the list are so helpful....I managed to copy it and paste it onto the other thread, I copied it to " windows notepad first and compressed it a little.... šŸ™‚

    Thank you, and BLESS you, you are such a treasure to me! šŸ™‚


  • healing ways,

    praying that this is a beautiful day for you, and yours, last night i send you a letter, and a articule about the benefits of yogart, write back and later let you receivced it, in a few hours i will start to go my research, also now that i mention yogart, there will also have to be a articule on lacotose interance, one thing leads to another, loving it,

    love you, bless, you, light over your,

    have a beautiful marvellous day,

    bussy like a beasver



  • healing ways,

    hope that you are having a pleasant evening, you are probably having dinner, or relaxing at this time i am writing you because i have the information on the first articule i am going to send you about mal absorption,

    i am holding it off, because first i want to find articules in ways to treat it naturally, this way the information will be complete and concise,

    my next research articule will be is the sun a substitue for radiation in cancer treatments,

    what do you think?

    now changing the subject everything can not be all work and no play, i would like to see someday soon the videos that you made,

    you wrote me and told me you see my femenine side as strong, well thats because i have cancer rising me which makes me very nuturing, can not deny it, sometime a little too much,

    my youngest son is also aries, he seems more level headed than my oldest son, my oldest son is a virogo, my daughter is gemeni,

    i will write you more tommorrow as i get ready to give you the information.

    have a good evening, a pleasant night,

    god bless you at all times,

    love and hugs


  • Hi Ramonita,

    I'm having lovely evening thank you, hope you are too šŸ™‚

    After I got home from farm shop, lots of yummy goodies I did a distant Reiki session to two friends, doing this always makes me feel relaxed...:)

    really looking forward to the absorption file....I don't know anything about the affects on cancer with the Sun, but I can't help but feel it would be so much better than radiation, after all, the sun has SO much healing qualities, we sure can't live without it :)....

    I will send you the links to my videos in mail, šŸ™‚ I dont think tarot will be pleased with me if I put the links to all of them on here....:) most are of using music I love in background and some of them have pics of some of my family in them ....I have posted a few dotted around the thread before, I just didn't want to bore everyone with any more though....but hope you enjoy them šŸ™‚

    I have a daughter who's Cancer, another daughter Virgo, and the oldest daughter Pisces and Son Aries ....and I sure know what you mean about the aries being bit more level headed than the virgo....:)

    I'm off now to sit and relax and read a book or maybe a bit of TV, I just did a little excersise on rower before popping on here and I'm feeling little tired now....happy, but tired.....

    love and BIG (((HUGS))



  • healing ways,

    my computer says you got mail, three articules, one malabsorption, two the remedies,

    on the ensymes, please make a note to use under supervision of a naturpolisty, oops spell that wrong. love you, thank, will write you later.

    have a great day,

  • Thank you dearest Ramonita.... I will take a look at them soon, guess what!....I wen't off to have an early night and ended up not dropping off to sleep till...."5am"... I was ok, just one of those nights I suppose....I ended up watching "Jaws2" for the umpteen time, I can't believe they put it on TV again!......oh well, at least the film did have lots of "WATER" in it..... LOL LOL

    love ya too my friend....see you later when I wake properly....



  • healing ways,

    good you got a early night, means you had a good rest, so did i, my oldest son was off last night i went to my room at seven thirty and went right to sleep until four a,m this morning, good rest and ready to work, sleep is also a very important factor in our healths, something that today in our moderns life we are so busy with, we sometimes over look. now last night you was at peace, you didnot drink the water, but relax seeing it, greatl.

    write back and let me know if you receivce the other two articules, i want to make sure they got to you if not i have to resend them.

    by the way i saw the first video, wow, impressed, you are very creative, they are so beautiful they take y our breath away. i am running now, to get on top of things here, with all my love,

    god bless you, in all ways,



  • Ramonita....good morning! šŸ™‚

    I did get them my friend, and thank you! they are really good, I was thinking of just posting one article a day so everyone don't miss any?....what do you think? should we do this, or just Bombard them with them all :)....lol....

    Sorry, if I didn't explain myself properly in my post, (I do this sometimes:( but, I didn't get much sleep at all sadly, I was ok but just couldn't seem to drop to sleep, thats why I watched the film Jaws2 I had seen so many times before hoping it would send me to sleep....but no, I must have just got to "absorbed" in the Water....:) I didn't go to sleep till 5am and woke up at 10 this morning...

    Oooo I wish I could run today....I might be able to manage a shuffle....lol

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL day my friend....you SO deserve it šŸ™‚

    much love and joy to you


  • healing ways,

    you work the way you think it is easiest for you, i will make a suggestion for you for example on the articules on vinegra and mutli enzmyzes, type in capitals , natural aids for combating malabsorption, so no one overlooks the cure,

    healing ways,

    i invited notsy into our forum so she can read and i know she will get benefits from it, i also would like you to give me premission when i write to her invite a girl who writes to notshy on her post that has ms, i have information on that topic too,

    also there a another girl who is suffering from breast cancer who writes to watergirl, i would love everyone that is willing to get the upmost benefit out of all of this. you explain your self right, it was me, with my rush , rush, again, i had to read again what you wrote, i pray you get your self some good needed rest,

    love and hugs,


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