Water Holds Memory!

  • Healing ways,

    indeed you were blessed that with the treatments given to your daughter, today she is a happy child, you were also blessed that it was caught in time.

    healing ways, i found the articule, i dont know if you interchange emails with angel bee, another special angel in the universe, if you do, i will tell her to email u my address, so you can look at the articules, and decide which to post and when to post them, the articule contains a few different things but all have to do with natural health.

    i spent all day yesterday thinking about the titles, they are all so good, it is really hard to decide which is the best,

    if you want the water in it,


    healing with natures wonders,

    water and all!

    i am sincerely excited, cannot wait until you get this thread up, i like to see so many say i never felt this great before,

    i hope you had a great weekend,

    yesterday i went to my daughter in laws mothers house, she had a barbacue there, by the time i came home, i was so tired, i refused to lift a finger to do anything, but we had a lot of fun,

    i love family gathering,

    i love family.,

    before my daughter left for the airport, i thank her for everything she does for me, i told her she was my special angel, she looked at me with her precious face and told me guess who i came out of , you are a special angel too, i couldnot help my self, i started crying, tears did not want to stop, i miss her already but thats modern life, families schatter, like frank sinatra use to sing thats life, i hope to hear soon from you, i believe you should be anxious to get this project off the road, and into the highway.

    i pray for blessing for all

    blessings, light, peace



  • can't wait to get to the sea, been to our local river as I was feeling down, but think I need big river or sea now, as I am stuck. water will clear this though I know from experience

  • Hello Dear Ramonita,

    I just wanted to "thank you" for your kind words. Please try to take at least 30 minutes a day to relax, reflect and rest, it is very important to you and your well being. I love family too, don't know what I'd do without all my loving family and friends. The people in here are very special too, so many of them, very caring, compassionate souls as yourself. I wish you many peace and blessings to day and everyday.

    Hello Chrissicat, I wish I were closer to the ocean, I would most certainly head that way if I was closer. Enjoy your time there. Peace and Blessings to you too!

  • Hello ILoveFish,.....oh my, where do I start, you truly have given me such a boost and made me just "know" I'm on my right path, I feel so uplifted by your comments, thank you, they mean more than you know, I'm feeling so much and want to say so much and I'm feeling....Oooo where do I start, I want to get SO much out there....lol...but first I need to take some deep breaths....:) I suppose I just get a bit overwhelmed in wanting others AND myself to take on board that there is SO much natural things out there that helps us, we just don't need the nasty chemical laden stuff that renders us to be in a bad place with our health....

    I am so grateful for something you said in your post.... do you believe I have been searching and searching for a file I had saved with the pictures of the crystals and the wonderful information in it, I just couldn't find it, and realised I must have lost it last year when my Son installed my new PC...and the worse bit, I even forgot the name of the man who's website I got the file from!....then low and behold, you said of his name in your post, well, you can imagine how excited I was to be able to read and see it all again, ALL of whats happening here feels SO right, the synchronisity of it all is amazing! ....I just love what you are doing with your grandchildren, this is truly the way forward....Love It!! and how right you are about letting your Daughter see for herself the wonderful positive impact all these things are having in your life, what better than that eh!, we don't have to push anything on them at all eh!.....

    and heres a funny little story about what happened a couple of years ago, I had been reading an article on the subject of "putting love and appreciation in food" and how healthier that food would be!.... well, a few hours later and me being full of positivity I set about making myself a sandwich, I stood there dreamily thanking and feeling so grateful the wheat for growing healthy and strong to make the bread, then the cows for producing the milk to make the butter, then when peeling the banana I just came out with "thank you monkey for not eating this BANANA"......OMG....I cracked up, I thought where on earth did that come from....lol...lol... I tell you I was in stiches with laughing, I just couldn't stop....even my little dog thought I'd gone mad, he came into the kitchen wondering what the heck!!....no one else was in the house thank goodness!!.they probably would have carted me off to funny farm.....Oh dear, I'm struggling to type now with laughing over this again......

    I've composed myself again now šŸ˜‰ hope I haven't made you fall yo sleep with all my ramblings, if not I get back to talking of all this beautiful healing things, the things I have written on my water bottles are, "Harmony, Alignment, Prosperity and Abundance!....I so love drinking from them, and as I do Reiki I also have the power symbol on them too,....

    but anyway my friend, I will leave it there for now, I'm so exited about us creating this new healing thread and sharing all our wonderful natural healings......

    I just LOVE the title that ramonita suggested, so look out for the " HEALINGWAYS WITH NATURES WONDERS" ....hope she don't mind I added "ways" on the end of "healing" ;)....thank you ramonita for the wonderful title šŸ™‚

    much love and healing to you ILoveFish šŸ™‚


  • Oh dear!....sorry for such a LOOONG post ILoveFish......:)

  • Hello ramonita, I'm not sure if you would be able to read all through that very long post above I just did to the lovely ILoveFish without nodding off with boredom....lol...but I told at the end of the post how much I loved the title you came up with, and I hope you don't mind if I added "ways" on the end of "healing" :)....so tomorrow when I'm a bit brighter and bushy tailed I will start the thread off, I can't wait for all the sharing of all the natural healing stuff we know of, it really is the only way forward, our bodies can no longer tolerate all the chemicals we have pumped in to our bodies for decades now, and apart from my dream of living near flowing water my dream would to grow fruit and vegetables on organic land....bliss!

    I re-read my post when talking of the baby born with deformity of her feet, it was my granddaugter it happened to, I'm sorry I caused the confusion, I sometimes type my posts at night and don't read over to check them, when I said it was so awful seeing my daughter I was sick with worry, I meant It was so awful seeing my daughter so sick with worry over my granddaughter......I hope I haven't confused matters again as I'm writing this and it's nearly my bed time...lol...

    How beautiful the things you shared with your daughter,and it sounds like you had such a beautiful day! you SO deserve it,... I truly feel the love you two share, I'm sure she will be back with you soon, and she is ALWAYS with you in heart...

    Our lovely Bee does have my email, and I certainly don't mind her passing it on to you, I look forward to hearing from you my friend šŸ™‚

    well, it's really time for me to say night night, my hot lemon and honey and snugly blanket is calling me :)......don't forget to look out for "HEALINGWAYS WITH NATURES WONDERS" tomorrow šŸ™‚

    much love and healing to you


  • healing ways,

    tommorrow i have a appointment, i am going to see how i can copy and paste, whenever i tried, i have been a tolal failuter, ask my journey, i think the title is grand, it makes even more sense like that because it is healing ways, i love it, i dont have a clue with what you are going to start off, but i will be here for you, i believe you live in england, your five hours ahead of me, right now i pray that you are having a wonderful rest, tommorrow is your big day,

    love, blessings, peace,

    i love fish

    thank you for the advice, i know it to be so true, rest is a very important part of good health, i send you blessings,

    by the way i like sea salt but i am latin, i am so used to splashing the salt, that i dont dare use sea salt because i am afraid that the food would be too salty,

    have a great night, a wonderful sleep to both,

    love, peace, happiness, light


  • try seaweed I changed salt for seaweed,(if you like it, as it has a taste all of it's own) though you should be able to get it as nori sprinkle either in health food shops or oriental shops if your supermarket doesn't stock it

  • That sounds great chrissi! I will look out for that one :), .....I meant to answer you last night chrissi about what you said about needing to be near a larger river or the sea, I am SO with you on this, I long for it too....maybe we both need to focus on it more and do lots of meditations including visualising being near the sea or river, not just hearing the sounds but REALLY seeing ourselves there and take in every detail of the surroundings!!.....maybe we will end up as neighbours and sitting at a beautiful little cafe' bar talking of our wonderful peaceful lives and all things spiritual!....perfect šŸ™‚

    much love and healing to you


  • That sounds great it's been a long time since I had someone to sit like that with, well at least two years now

  • Have to say it's like this for me to chrissi at moment....and it would be great to be able to sit at that waters edge talking and sharing of all things spiritual with like minded lovely people like yourself eh!.....what bliss!!....and we will need those healthy bodies to keep up with our wonderful lives eh!....

    I've just started the new HealingWays with Natures Wonders!...heres the link, look forward SO much for us all to share our findings on all this šŸ™‚

    See you all over there ā™„


  • Greetings and Good Morning HealingWays,

    I wanted to first say, I truly appreciate all your kind words, to and about me. It all started with your positive energy, you just passed on the love. Thank you for that.

    Second, I went to your new page and was very impressed, I'm read most of it but since I'm at work I can't finish until later. I can't wait to read and post good things for others to learn and live by. I'm so excited about this, that I'm going to invite my girlfriend into this forum to learn and to teach so of her natural lifestyle. You are doing something that is beneficial to all mankind, good things for the body, and positive words for the soul. Spreading all this kindness and love, will create great energy and motivate people to do the same. I feel very fortunate to have found your thread and now to be able to go some place online that offers great, healthy living, and also loving, kind, compassionate words. Everyone needs this in their lives. Yes, we need to start each day with positive thoughts to share with all.

    You are indeed very special to offer your time and efforts in helping others learn. I wish you the most highest love and blessings, peace, strength, abundance and everlasting comfort. "Thank you, Dear Sweet Denise, you are incredibly special!!!"

  • Oh my!....you got me in tears, of joy though with your heartfelt words to me, thank you so much!....I do feel we are of a "same energy" you and I šŸ™‚ and all of us are "incredibly special"....but it was so beautiful to have read that you say that I am šŸ™‚

    I hope you don't get into strife at work by reading all I posted this morning, I did get a little carried away didn't I :)....but I just can't contain my enthusiasm on all this what we are all going to create...and how WONDERFUL you are bringing in your girlfriend in on this!!.... I feel SO positive about it and I truly desire for it to be of so much benefit for all the ones looking to live a more loving, healthy, caring and sharing life....

    I know you can feel my excitement in all this :)....

    see you soon my friend


  • healingways,

    i cannot get the email into my aol account and that articule has so much valueable information, i am trying to get someone to help me with it, the other problem i am having with it is that i do not know how to paste everytime i try i form a chain of the same, thing repeated hopefully maybe tommorrow, i can have it paste it, and in the forum, i know the girls will enjoy it, it has other things beside the water, how to use it for our health, it has about some form of shaistic, japenese acupunture, i get to the thankful forum sometime today,


  • No worries ramonita, no need to apologise, I understand totally what it's like, I was very new to computers till 5yrs ago and it took my son absolutely ages to teach me on the how to's ....and he even had to show me several times on on certain things before I grasped it...lol...but I so look forward to reading about the form of shaistic, japenese acupuncture, I love all things concerning the eastern ways of healing, Reiki, Feng Shui etc


  • healing ways,

    i was able to send the articule to dwilliams111. to see if she can copy and post it for me, she will be surprise when she reads about how drinking water can cure you, a certain way you drink it i guess it acts like a detoxifaror. and other articules include, the articule say on the mail page, manny ask me to forward this to you.

    much love to you,

    and thank you for helping others on the road to recovery and to maintain good health.

    until tommorrow.

    have a blessed night



  • Thats great ramonita!! I'm so pleased all this will reach many....

    Thank you for your very kind words to me, it means so much šŸ™‚

    see you tomorrow my friend, and I wish a blessed night for you too

    much love and hugs



  • healing ways,

    i send you the aricule yesterday, it has not come back, i hope i had the right email address,

    if you recievced it let me know, the part of the way you drink the water for your health i am so interested that all who are interested get the benefits from it;

    now i am off to cook dinner,

    then to read the thankful forum,

    and whatever i cannot finish today, there is a tommorrow.

    love ramonita

    and thank you and all the contribute to such a great way of taking good care of our selves,

    love starts with one.

    now i am going to tell you about that number 111

    i have always used it,

    life start with 1

    stays with 1

    and ends with 1

    i used to play it alot in the pick three in the good old usa.


  • Oh my friend, I didn't receive it šŸ˜ž I will send email to our Bee asking her to try again to forward my email address again to you....hope we get to connect this time šŸ™‚

    and I look forward to the "number 111" šŸ™‚


  • look in your spam box

    put my address in your contacts


    i will give you the rest letter,

    is yours dwilliams?

    love ramonita

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