Water Holds Memory!

  • Hi all, I just had this sudden urge to tell of this!!.....I have known a little on this subject for a couple of years now, I was even attuned into Reiki Master using the concept of "Water Holds Memory"....but me being me it's took me a while to REALLY grasp the concept, but, something made me return to this knowledge of the water holding memory and I have in the past couple of weeks started putting my drinking water in glass bottles with affirmations written on them, putting them in the fridge over night and drinking the next day.....well all I can say is my life is taking a turn for the better, it's not been easy by a long chalk, it's all upside down! but I just know I'm being led at a great speed to "sort stuff out" and I just KNOW there is to be a good outcome....and now I'm convinced my water is one of the biggest thing that is causing all this....yep, it might sound crazy..... but those who said the world was round was once called crazy...lol...but it doesn't matter what I maybe thought of, I just want to bring this subject to light and post this video I just found that might just help you too šŸ™‚


    much love and healing to you!


  • Might it not be that seeing the affirmation regularly as you drink the water is what works?

  • I thought that at first captain, but there is a lot of scientific evidence stating the fact that water really does hold memory and one experiment done was to show the unbelievable change in the crystal formation in water when one was sent the intentions of loving caring thoughts and one that was show hate and fear....the evidence was quite amazing, the difference in the structure and look of the crystals left no doubt in my mind for this to be true........I have learnt in the past 5 years to not dismiss anything that comes to my attention because it sounds crazy, I just look in to it a little further then just leave things that don't sit with me, I just go by my feeling on the subject, no matter how far fetched they sound initially, and like I said, when they announced the world was round and not flat....they were so ridiculed weren't they, it's on that thought alone I don't dismiss anything until I look into it and then just go by my feeling about it then I may pass on it or go by my gut and believe it, so for me on what Ive read about it I believe our water does hold memory, don't get me wrong I'm no expert on the subject, but we don't have to be on everything do we to get our beliefs. šŸ™‚

  • Do you think that that is why if I swim in natural as opposed to swimming-pool water all my aches and pains leave me and I feel stronger and more positive, as I've always been happy swimming ? though I love swimming and playing in water anyway, even swimming pools, but never liked the effect that the chlorine has on my hair and eyes

  • I do believe it would chrissi, now years ago I might not have thought this way, there has always been "heeling springs" around for years and I used to think it was a gimmick....phew! I now know I was wrong to dismiss it šŸ™‚ and you know what, the ultimate for me would be.....swimming in beautiful water with DOLPHINS....oh boy! what a healing that would be!!....I get goose bumps every time I think of that šŸ™‚

  • Meant to add, can you imagine the LOVE and HEALING in the water where the beautiful Dolphin lives!!....the vibration of love and harmony in it must be so so.....Oooo I can't think of a perfect word fitting for it šŸ™‚

  • Hello HealingWays,

    I just wanted to "Thank You" for sharing your feelings/ideas with us. I agree entirely with you that if something is shown to you, investigate and try to discover the reason. I know for me personally, maybe because I'm a Pisces, but I love the water, and my body needs to be around or close to the water. I currently live on the bluffs of the Mighty Mississippi river, so I see the river every day. When I splash cool, fresh water on my face, I feel invigorated, I feel happy, it's a great feeling. I love being in water too, but it has to be clean, clear water, which is not exactly easy to find in today's times.

    I would love to learn more about this concept of yours and I am going to experiment myself with writing affirmations on a bottle/glass of water, leaving in the refrig. over night then drinking. I love the idea of it all.

    "Thank You" again for sharing your ideas with others. I don't think you're crazy, if we never tried to go beyond any restrictions or anything in life, we wouldn't have all we currently have electricity, fire, automobiles, airplanes, etc. etc. etc.

  • HealingWays,

    I went to that Youtube sight and just loved it. I have been doing the research all day. I'm so very thankful you posted and I saw this. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  • Hi ILoveFish,

    I can't tell you how much it pleases me to hear that you got the same thing out of all this that I did.... šŸ™‚ it warms my heart to hear you speak of this life giving blessing in this way....

    I truly believe we take our "water" and the WHOLE concept of it SO much for granted sometimes, don't get me wrong, I too was once guilty, I admit šŸ˜ž and yet, when we really think of it, we are all made up of roughly 80% water....that alone should tell us of the "magic" that water really is :)......

    Oooo I'm very envious that you live near water, it's my dream to live near a river or the Ocean....this would be my bliss....I'm working on it though šŸ™‚

    love to you,

    I just know your water you drink of "your dreams" from your affirmations will truly bring you so many blessings šŸ™‚



  • you know I never feel "right "unless I have been in or over (as in a boat) water and wondered if it just takes off the negative energy that is so common in todays rushed and pressured world, by the fact that all rivers and the sea flow, so their energies are never stagnant or still, unlike those in some swimmimng pools, so it's recycled into positive energy because of that ? Hubby and I have a fantasy of living close to the sea or by a river that we could fish and swim in, but I'm not sure if , or when we might get that dream come true

  • Hi Ladies,

    I hope you both get your dreams of living close to water, with positive affirmations, I believe everything is possible. Last night I went to a gathering of friends, I was so excited to tell so many about how Water Holds Memory and what I learned from Denise. I even put the youtube link on my facebook for all my friends to see.

    I just feel so happy, complete inside when I find something that makes entire good sense, it's the best feeling. I want to be true to "myself" my body, my soul and to the wonders of this incredible World the Lord has given us by utilizing in a positive fashion, what we have. I'm getting into essential oils too, because they are derived from plants, flowers, trees that the Lord put on this earth, not only for beauty, shelter, food, but for medicine too, without causing horrible side effects. There is so much to learn, I have so far to go, but learning is also a blessing to us. So "Thank You" again Denise, I'm so happy I saw your thread and you have taught me something truly remarkable, that makes complete sense!

    Blessings to both you beautiful woman. Peace, Love, Truth and Harmony to you BOTH!!!

  • healingways,

    thank you for your post, without doing research on it, i firmly believe what you say, that water carries memory, i just simply made the comparison with plants, plants carry oxgen and so does water, if you treat a plant with love and even play music to it , it will grow beautifully, i for one have study natural health for years, i agree also that sea water is much more benefical for the human body, than cholorine water, chorline, which is a bleach is one of the chemicals which is link to cancer, more if it is used and abused, on the other hand salt is good for cleaning our charkas, so we get double benefits, i have rhuemotiod arthritis and sle, which is the lupus which affects the organs, apart from taking vitamens in herbs, i do hydrotherapy which is soaking in fresh water for a hour, sometimes i add epsom salt, our bodies, need oxgen to heal, my doctor asks me at times, what do you do? that you have had this rhuemtoid over nineteen years, and your bones are not deformed, well when i give her the explantation she looks at me like i am completely crazy, if i am crazy, long live crazy, i do get pain, when i hear other patients talking about how they feel, i tell them, advice is free, and it is everyone choice what they accept or not. i live active, i also believe firmly in the power of the mind,

    yes water has memory, it has oxgen which makes it a living thing just like plants, i really enjoy your post, it gave me a lot to think about, and another thing to practice to enjoy a better quality of life.

    love, hugs,


  • I am most TRULY happy that you got so from this ILoveFish, just like I did, it also gives me a boost to realise I can be of benefit to my beautiful fellow humans after all....you see I had been feeling so down lately, felt a bit useless and feeling I had nothing to offer as a means to be of help, for the last couple of year I had let myself slide from carrying on my path that I started 5yr ago, I let a relationship get in the way and then my studies of all Healings just seem to slide away, but about a month ago I had to let go of the relationship and I'm gradually getting "on my path again", seems I'm being led from a higher source to have put this topic on, and because of your responses I feel it is as a confirmation I am SO doing the right thing :)......and THANK YOU ILoveFish for helping restoring faith in myself :).....

    I collect crystals too, also use essential oils, I just started using Bach flower remedies, so all in all I feel so much better for knowing I'm scrambling out of the "dead hole" I put myself in and I'm back on track šŸ™‚

    SO much love and blessings to you, and yes, how glorious for us to be "true to ourselves" šŸ™‚


  • Ramonita how wonderful you too know the sense in it, maybe we should start a "Water Baby" club....:)... I agree with all you say!....and I am with you on the quality of the water is extremely important, it sounds like you are doing the right thing with your treatment for your condition, and what a perfect example you are to show what can be done with our beautiful life giving water, and we all know that we can survive for weeks with no water but only a few days without.....and one of the symptoms of a person that has dehydrated, they get confused and disorientated dont they!.....could it be that we aren't replacing the "memory" cos of the lack of it? makes you wonder doesn't it, and we don't get like that with no food, we just die of starvation....another thing I started about 3 yr ago is using natural sea salt, not the one from supermarket, I get the pure Celtic Sea Salt, it's not been bleached and has been dried naturally in the Sun....wonderful stuff! I can tell the difference in the taste of it, this has many health benefits too :).....isn't it wonderful that ALL the natural life giving stuff is out there waiting for us, just takes a little searching and we find it!!....Oh yeah, going back to the water, you mentioned about the playing of music to plants, well, when they did the experiments with sending Love or hate and comparing the crystal formation, they did the same with music!....the water that constantly heard beautiful calm serene music formed the most stunning crystal formations....Well, you can imagine what formations the water that was bombarded with head banging rock music....really ugly looking crystals....lol

    Thank you Ramonita for telling of your fantastic experience and proof of what our natural living substances can do šŸ™‚

    Much love and blessings to you šŸ™‚


  • So true chrissi!!

    the still waters do feel stagnant, it needs flow, I once had my house analysed with Feng Shui, she advised me to have a little water feature in the right place for my room, and she stressed the most importance of keeping the water clean and flowing.....and you know what!, by you talking of the Flowing waters has reminded me to go and buy another little pump for mine, I haven't been using it for a while now, shame on me!.... anyway after talking of all these subjects, i.e memory of water, crystals, bach flowers, salt.....etc. I just realised something....I feel like a jack of all trades and master of none.....LOL....maybe thats my new venture, to make myself master of all of it!....:)

    much love and blessing to you šŸ™‚


  • healing ways,

    you will be master of all in healing, you will be true to yourself, doing what makes you happy,

    if you start the thread i will give you as much support and help i can find really the subject is intersting, and the effects are wonderful, you made me feel so honored, right now my daughter is visiting me, she lives in conecticut, today is here almost last day here, today i was supposed to go to a waterpark with them. my eldest son and his two kids, my daughter and my youngest sons two kids, i passed up the fun because i did not want to get into cholorine water, i have a articule in my computer, which my son in law sent me about two or three years ago, it is about the healing effect of water, i am going to find it so i can save it, for your thread. yes, if we dehrydraite, we become confused and disortinated, and a newborn if it does not get the much needed supply of oxgen to the brain, within a flash of a second, the effect is horrible, so when we look at it , it all makes alot of sense,

    thank you for your offer, you put joy into my heart we will be talking later, i am trying to catch up on the threads, and straighing things up here, since tommorrow is the last day my daughter will be with me, i can enjoyed her, i wont be seeing her for another few months, thats to me is heartbreaking.

    have a great weekend,

    love and hugs,


  • Dearest Ramonita,

    How wonderful of you toffer your support in this way!, it's me that feels honoured for this, I just know it can become something of great learning for us all....would you be so kind as to help with it's title?....one thought maybe could be "Alternative Therapy Room" ?....or "All things Holistic? or would it be better to stick to using a title with "water" in it?....I'd value your thoughts on this....

    I really look forward to reading the healing effect article....great stuff!!....your right about new born babies, my youngest daughter had depleting amniotic fluids, they saw it on a scan in her 38 wk check, they started off the labour almost immediately, it was a scary time, Alycia was born with her feet dis-formed because of the lack of fluid in the womb, it also can cause other complications too, but, her toes were touching the shins of her legs, it was heartbreaking to see, and also seeing the distress of my Daughter who was sick with worry, but, after months of physio her feet were near normal, we were SO relieved, she's a happy little 5 yr old running around playing with all the other children, we were very blessed with that :).....

    Hope you get to spend a wonderful day tomorrow with your daughter, I know how you must be feeling right now.....but the months will pass quickly and she will be back with you....tell her from me how fortunate she is to have such a beautiful Mother....but I know she already knows this! šŸ™‚

    will speak again soon ramonita

    love and blessings to you


  • well if the 10/10/10 vibe works maybe we get our fantasy?

  • Hello Healing Ways and All,

    I've been following this Thread because it is filled with good energy and a lot of knowledge. My girlfriend has had me using Celtic Sea salt for the past several years. She always carries a small wooden box with it in her purse, snacks on it. I only use Celtic now, and also, only use natural sugar, it's a coarser grain but I love sugar so I don't feel as guilty. Still I try to keep my intact in check.

    I'm always facinated with things that are pure, natural and good for our bodies. I've been trying to learn more about eating raw, but that is difficult for me. I've had some really good recipes, it takes a bit longer but the body truly needs and craves these foods. Organic of course, but like all things the healier you eat, the more the price. My girlfriend and her sister teach me so many things, I tell them they need to become holistic doctors, because they are so knowledgeable in this area, and I believe more and more people are trying to find a healthy alternative to the fast paced, processed World we have become. I was just reading an article this AM about a monk that was telling the importance of daily 30 minute mediations.

    I feel I have a knack for picking up personalities by their writing. You definitely come across as a person that is soft spoken, kind hearted, patient and understanding. Which are blessings we all need to achieve in life. If you keep studying, and finding the truth, I"m sure you would be great as a holistic doctor yourself. Since you truly enjoy this lifestyle, wouldn't that be the best job to be able to advise people to a healtier lifestyle, because it is so broad, from the foods we eat, water in our life, to the way we dress, our homes we decorate, our thoughts. We all have the potential to achieve the highest, because it is in all of us, we just need to be passionate about our lifestyle and make it a heatly, pure, and natural way of living.

    You have truly inspired me these past few days to try to explore more about all of this, to become more passionate, to share that enthusiasm with others that are interested and to keep growing in this positive enlightment, that the Lord has given to all of us! Thank you for putting me on the right track.

    Yesterday, my eldest daughter and two grandchildren came over to have lunch with me, and I had printed Dr. Emoto's free online book about "Water Holds Memory" I was showing them the pictures of all the crystals, and how positive, kind, loving words reflected something beautiful, just as kind words to all reflect back beauty. They are 8 and 5 years old and they were so excited. We are going to do the rice test when they come back this Wednesday. My daughter didn't believe, I didn't push at all, but I know with me being more postive and her seeing from now on that I want to say a blessing over the food I put in my mouth and the water I drink, that this will open her eyes to the positive influence. I have a Britta water picher in my refrigerator, and I wrote on a piece of masking tape, a number of positive, beautiful words. You just have me so inspired to continue along this path. I'm once again so happy I found your thread. Thank you again!

  • i love fish,

    thank you for your comments, i enjoyed how you teach your grandkids about natural things, there are so many things to be learn about natural healing it is surprisings, after all the doctors for many deseases have yet, come up with cures, you take medicine for one thing and then it gives you something else, my oldest grandson is almost seventeen, when he has a cold his father used to buy him cough sprup, he refuses the cough sprup and asks grandma for a ginger tea with honey he says that when he drinks the ginger tea, his chest feels cleaner, wheras with the cold sprup he feels gragy and he dont like the feeling in his chest, you are lucky you were able to see the online book on the water has memory, i live in such a rush, that i have to set a time to sit down and watch it, i know you soon will be enjoying yourself very much with nature, and all it natural things. that has been provide to us by our creature,

    thank you, until soon


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