Virgo and temper...are there others like me!?!?!?!?

  • Try being an Aries with a Virgo moon 😞 I have come a long way, i'll say that much... just don't provoke me in a situation cause words hurt 😞

  • Same here! Its not so much what you say, but rather who said it. It takes alot for me to let people in and trust them, so after I have went thru all the changes of letting you in and you hurt me...its WW III

  • yawn. huh??? from what I have been seeing aroundt hese boards are constant virgo bashing, and constantly drawing out all the negatives of the sign virgo. virgo, scorpio, and cancer signs are all over these boards with various complaints.

    why is that? are those signs more complicated than other signs? hhmmm....

    as for ascendants? your ascendant sign is your ruling planet . for example, if you have scorpio as your ascendant, than the planet pluto and mars would be your ruling planet. so for hidden diamond, that would be that you are ruled by the stinger, and that you go for revenge of the worst kind.

    for me, my ruling planet would be neptune, as my ascendant is in pisces. which would explain my love for ocean, sea shells, mermaids, and places like hawaii. I have great imagination, and I am an artist. I can be extremely moody, sensitive, and yea, I do have a temper. pisces have a temper... nah but Leos, and Taurus signs do..

    all people have changeable moods, tempers, fears, phobias, and what not. we are basically the same but unique with our hearts. just like the snowflakes. unique and different. but our feelings, our hopes, and dreams are pretty similar. we all want to feel safe, and loved, and no one wants to feel rejected.

    having a temper is pretty normal,and everyone has a temper. as for the sign Virgo having bad tempers is well, not entirely true.

    my husband is pretty even keeland he is a virgo. although when he gets mad, (mars in scorpio) he gets really mad, and look out! not very often though....

    look to your planets Mars and Venus placements in your natal chart. these 2 will tell you a lot about yourself, and your temperment. look it up for anyone, and it will tell you how compatible you are with another.

    for example, if you have gemini in Venus, you would most likely have a hard time being intimate and gemini's are pretty cold and aloof. most likely will have extra martial affairs, or have lots of variety throughout one's lifetime.


  • I did not want to believe this, but I am vengeful. I may forgive but never forget. My anger is rare and catastrophic. Recently totally broke ties with important people. And having the ability to read people, I can provoke people without even trying by sensing their insecurities. I have learned to go beyond Virgo in the box utilizing love and meditation to change me. Much calmer this week. We know better. But sometimes you just want to destroy everything and start from scratch.

  • Satimala...what has helped me is to...give myself at least some hours or a day before reacting, if that is possible. Example, my ex said something kind of mean to me and normally I would have ripped his head off with words, but I got busy doing house work and when I replied it was nice. I said, I'm sure you don't mean it, enjoy your weekend and tell such and such hello, which I am sure pissed him off even!!

  • Oh my gosh!

    You posters have described by son to a "T"!!!! (Virgo with Scorpio moon) Now, granted he is only 12....but the minute he was conceived I knew he was going to be challenging for me (as an Aquarian mom). He hated people touching my belly, I couldn't even lay certain ways when I was pregnant. He would instantly start kicking me until he was comfortable. He was always very intelligent and mature. Learned everything months before he should of. At the age of 2 he would have intense verbal arguments with me for hours after I have already walked away. He just loves to pick and pick until he has someone all hyped up as well. DEVIOUS!

    But he is also the biggest lover! He will give me anything to make me happy. He hates seeing his mommy sad. He will still kiss and hug me in front of friends without hesitation. He befriends special needs kids at school and will defend them as cool to anyone. He can see right past any of their inabilities and love them for who they are. Seeing anything unjust pushes his buttons (he has a Libra rising which I'm sure helps with this as well).

    As much as his temper stabs, his sweet disposition 30% of the time can make it all better!

  • The passive agressive traits you describe are only too familiar to me.

    That first childhood wound leads to a pattern of testing, loving, testing, and, upon rejection, a cruelty to self and others I have worked all my life to release from myself. Mostly it's damage to myself now, which is worse. And yes, I am capable of carrying a grudge for years.

    Some Virgos have it, and some don't. My brother doesn't have it. My male Virgo friend has it just as I do. Other planets must soothe or minimize the damage for the lucky ones.

  • hello. wow this is interesting.. i can relate to alot of whats been said.

    I am a virgo sun with virgo rising and scorpio moon. so ..yeah i can be intense. its hard to control what i feel sometimes. alot of the time lol. i have also been involved with a scorpio man on and off for six years. half of my female friends are scorpios. there is definitely a deep bond between the two signs. challenging though. i can be very critical but i give myself a much much harder time then anyone around me.. i really care deeply for those i love and would do anything for them. but if i am not treated kindly with the same care and respect.. then its another story.i hate to be taken for granted. grudges..? maybe sometimes but overall i would say i was very forgiving by nature.again there is a line though. what was said above .." testing loving testing..." hmm..

  • wow...I was recently involved with a scorp and we have a love/hate relationship more hate now lol

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