Virgo and temper...are there others like me!?!?!?!?

  • I am starting to believe that I have a "stinger" too. when someone hurts me, I find myself wanting that person to hurt just for a little bit, but then I feel bad for hurting them.

  • Cute Virgin.

    Im A Virgo Also and Have A Bad Temper.. It has gotten alot better but I can admit at times

    i loose it, Myself like most virgos I know, when we do something we put our whole heart and energy into everything so deeply. and always wish for the best, most times putting people

    before ourselves. So then when that effort goes unappreciated or unnoticed and our kindness is taken for weakness then become... Pissed, alot of people have thought because I am nice I

    wont say anything when inactuality Im very blunt, outspoken as well . We are the best of both worlds thats the thing about Virgos when we're good, were great. but when were bad were just awful!

    but were always fair! because we let you Choose!

  • YES YES YES that is me. When I am sweet I am sweet, when I am evil, I am evil, but only when provoked as you stated

  • Does any of you have scorpio influences? I have scorpio ascendant and I just find that sometimes I have very HARD to control impulses. Fortunately I end up subjugating them most of the time with the virgo superpower of emotional discipline, but some other times (namely when arguing with an my sister, an actual solar scorpio.) ...

    ps: A2R how are you doing? 🙂


    But there is a method to not being defeated by scorpios(it's worked for me so far, at least...). They will open pandora's box, as soon as they know that there is a closed box. But if they don't even know that they haven't won, they won't win.

  • Diamond that is a good question, I was told and I have read that scorpios and virgos were the same at one time and that Libra separated them. My ex is a scorp and we have a lot in common, even the anger to a point, but his anger is a little child like while mean is a reaction to hurt and an quick simple attack and I am done. He seems to do little frequent attacks and acts silly. And Diamond explain the pandora's box theory a little more, please! Oh prim example he broke up with me, I sent him a nice encouraging text and he responded rude and mean and i reacted nice which I'm sure pissed him off more. Virgo have sarcasm like no other lol and I love it!!

  • Hidden Diamond,

    wow thats a interesting combo, scorpion and virgo 😉

    Im not sure whats my rising sign, I think Leo which explains

    my big Ego which is another problem for me having too much pride shessh, Im not so impulsive with actions my virgo sense always over analyze things before but a little

    impulsive with words, I have a really sharp tongue lol thats how I get revenge

    but half the S H I T I say I wont do lol, I know Im not evil enough to do it so I'll just say it

    to get even, In the end I always become friends with the people I did'nt like.

    Im very emotionally disciplined, but Im not good with guilt at all ! I always try to work things out

    I hate to let things sit on my conscious.

  • Cutevirgin I was merely saying that scorpios are almost unbeatable in a direct confrontation, I think, but if you manage to make them believe they've already won (when in fact they haven't), they won't actually beat you.

    About sarcasm... scorpios have amazing sarcasm too... but when they get mad, I think, it all goes down the drain, as they have trouble containing their emotions(and I can totally see why... I only have Scorpio Ascendant and already find it hard, even though I manage do it -Virgo and Cappy, I believe, are the most emotionally discipilined signs-).


    A2R, Leo rising? Maybe that's why you always seem so cheerful, from your posts?

    Also, physically I don't look like I have a Scorpio ascendant at all. It's not just scorpio, it's also in the Scorpio decanate.

    2 days ago someone tried to guess my sign... they said Cancer, Libra, and something else... not Scorpio or Virgo... and I even took off my glasses!! I guess I don't have the stare. Not unless I'm very attracted to someone, at least. And even then I'm probably embarassed and avoid using it. LOL.

  • I am a Virgo with Scorpio as my Ascendant sign and I can honestly say that I have conflict with both of these signs, together.

    A2R, you have described me pretty much as you've described yourself.

    cutevirgin, if I may make a suggestion? You say he broke things off with you, maybe you should just ignore him and stay busy, I promise you, the more you text or e-mail him the angrier he will become.

  • Wow thats cool, I've only had one scorpio boyfriends and never meet many scorpios

    they are very intense people which is sometimes good and sometimes yeeaahh.. lol.

    alot of successful people are scorpios though, they are great leaders.

    Hidden Diamond, Yeah when Im happy, Im just happy. When Im Down, Im Down.

    Notshy, I know alot about Virgo's lol, I've had my fair share of them too,

    Two Virgos together can only last for too long ! Not to mention working with

    a Virgo was probably the worst ! Competitive, and we actually give you a run for your

    money shhessh lol.

  • A2R, yeah, when it came to the work issues, I used to get so angry internally because the other people I worked with were, in my opinion, slackers. I was very studious and couldn't understand how they could sit around and talk and get away with it. SO yeah, that part of me was the worse. Since I haven't worked in awhile I don't have that tension anymore, thank goodness but I sure do miss working.

  • I fell in love with one & he had the worst ever. Plus my dad is & my 2 best friends . I would have to agree. But I've always been drawn to them lol!!!

  • I too have a sharp tongue but I do try to give my victim a chance to walk away, but once I get to the point of no return not pretty, but I do feel bad hurting them in the end b/c Im so nurturing as a virgo, but they need it at that time.

    @ Notshy, yeah I agree. I guess my virgin nature wants to help and make things better and I felt scorp was down, but not everyone wants the virgins care.

  • Being a Pisces very sensitive sign that has lived with a Virgo for 18 years and having lived through some of that venim I only have one thing to say....Very cruel (I call it verbal abuse) and totally pointless to hurt someone like that. The only thing it accomplishes is a total lack of trust in the person treating you like that. I also have a sister that's a Virgo that gets totally abusive and has no limits....I don't speak to her anymore and I've totally removed her from my life because of it. Just thought you should know that it hurts and once the words are out there it's too late. I don't put up with it anymore from anyone, and why should I?

  • Sorry you suffered that abuse forjo, that was not nice. I am not sure how much virgo I am(8/28/82) but I am not mean to ppl unless they hurt me first and even then I have some remorse. I am opinionated and critical, but I mean well by it although sometimes it comes out all wrong. That was the case with me ex. I was very protective of his feelings, but he thought I was controlling and jealous. If I know someone has hurt you, I want to protect you from that person!

  • Cute virgin, you sound a lot like me. If you know your exact time and place of birth I can tell you what your ascendant(rising sign) is. I will check back soon to see if you know. Otherwise, you can google free natal chart readings and do your own.

  • Mom said I was born at 9pm, I was born in that enuff info??!?

  • Cute Virgin,

    You said it perfectly lol, when we're hurt we verbally express our hurt to the highest expression,

    most times its built up hurt, im a analytical virgo so i always observe carefully before saying anything. Once im fed up my sharp tongue lets loose. Ive been working on what I say under anger and pressure because the tongue is powerful, our words hold energy

    especially women to women we communicate 75% through verbally communication

    so words hurt us. sorry to here forjo about your sister.

  • Hello Cutevirgin,

    Your Ascendant is at 29°00' Pisces

    The First House or Ascendant represents one's behaviour in the eyes of others, and also one's health. It corresponds to the way the individual acts in the world. It is the image of the personality seen by others and the person's visible behaviour expressed outwardly. The 1st House is in analogy with Aries and thus Mars too, and then the Sun. It is an angular house, the most important one with the Midheaven, maybe even more so due to its link with the body and health.

    Interpretation of the 29° Pisces symbolic degree

    Intuitive, conceited, and selfish character. One is driven by an over-developed ego and conceals one's mediocrity under haughty manners. One never hesitates to plagiarize other people's work or appropriate it. However, if the natal chart clearly indicates strong moral standards, one has exceptionally sharp intelligence and is dedicated to high ideals and the good of mankind. In both cases, one believes in one's intellectual superiority and behaves with arrogance and disdain, which alienates relatives and friends. This degree warns that appearances are often misleading.

    Chiron (wounded healer) is in 2nd house of Taurus

  • Addict...we are a lot alike, I would love to meet!!!! Yes, I am VERY loving, loyal, and caring...I don't care about what a stranger has to say, but if you are someone I love and have been there for and you hurt me...oh, you better get an emotional bodyguard!!!

  • Notshy...I def agree with the last paragraph. I recently learned that a lot of my friends and fam thought that I was stuck up, hence the alienation. With me, I have to scan you before letting you in...after I have done my own mental back ground check and I feel its cool to let you in, then you are in!!!

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