Crazy CRUSH or NOT?

  • ...I thought I need to make this OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

    Lately my life has been analyzed, re-analyzed and analyzed again but not a fair fashion. Well it is only NORMAL since the people that RUN the analysis are ALL on the same side and PURSUE the SAME PURPOSE to ATTACK- HUMMILIATE-REVENGE; JUSTICE for them is lets UNITE AGAINST ANYONE THAT DOES NOT BELIEVE IN OUR JUMBO RELIGION. Jumbo religion has their OWN LAWS and MEASUREMENTS of people.

    When their STORY does NOT make any sense they IMPROVISE- Perjury is just natural to them to when the HIGHER GOOD OF JUMBO RELIGION is at STAKE.


    1. I NEVER DID OR TRIED any DRUGS- yes I tend to believe in people so when I was I did take sleeping pills.. Are those drugs? I do not know- you buy them at CVS without a prescription. and I did not take any in years!!

    2. I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH on anyone!! - I have a crush on GETTING BACK MY LIFE that I had before I met the JUMBO people;

    3. I AM NOT HOMELESS- guess what I do have a couple of places to stay..

    4. MONEY is NOT my priority in life but since I MET the JUMBO people I had a lot of bills related to what they directly did to me so yes I DO EXPECT REIMBURSEMENT!

    5. LOVE is in my MIND but NOT the way you are SUGGESTING- and it is kind of PRIVATE so BACK OFF!

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