• I am very worried about my son who is 7 years old i am worried that he may have mental health issues as he often talks about dying and killing himself , sometimes he does things for attention

    i have learnt not to take him on with certain things but this is really worrying me,as i dont think a child should be having these thoughts and we dont not talk about things like this around him i dont know where he is picking this talk up from .I am seeing his peadiatrician in a couple of days she knows that he trys to wrap me around his finger so to speak and tells me not to take him on with it just try to ignore his tantrums, but i dont get good vibes about this i was wondering if you could ask spirit do they see any mental health issues surrounding him now or in the future i would be very grateful for your help .

    Thankyou and many blessings Mags

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  • bump,sorry captain i know mags his pretty worried

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  • He is just parroting things he has seen or heard and has no real idea of dying or how to even go about it. He is indeed just trying to get attention.

  • Dear Captain ,

    Thankyou so much I really appreacate your help you you have put my mind at ease .

    Many Blessings 2u Mags

  • Thanks for the bumps Shee it means a lot

    HUGS2U((((())))) Mags

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