Help Captain!!!!!!!!

  • Ok, here is my situation: I was in a 6 month relationship, had a great connection with him, his son, his family, and friends. He asked for the commitment and I agreed after some weeks of thinking. Things were great...until one day he told me that he may be going to another country for 2 years. Me being a typical virgo I shut down and became emotional. I told him i can't go, i don't want him to go, and i understood if he felt he needed to go. We didn't meet up as planned the next day because I was still emo. When we did finally meet up, he told me that it was going to be a break up if he left because it wouldn't work. I broke down crying and he stated that he was amazed because he thought I didn't care about him and felt I blew him off. He requested 2 weeks to think about everything, I guess I didn't understand the whole scorp space thing and I called too much trying to prove my loyalty. He called one day and stated that he didn't want to do the girl/boyfriend thing any more and that I was a wonderful person and that he wanted me to stay in his life. I of course was hurt becaues I felt I was doing so much to make this work, looking for a place together and seeking a job close to him. I said something hurtful about his past relationships out of hurt and anger and I have apologized many times. He has been cold, mean, and distant towards me but he has responded to some of my calls and texts. He did tell me to leave him alone forever one day. However he called me 3 times, when we finally talked he states how he felt and then he stated he could not be my friend now. He did give me some closure, he said he felt he was in the way of my goals, that I was controlling because I felt his relationship with his ex's kids should have been handled a certain way, and he felt I was jealous of his ex because I should have trusted that his dealings with her and her kids would not have spilled over into our relationship. I personally do not have a problem with him having a relationship with his ex's kids, I just felt that his ex was taking advantage of his kind hearted nature and using her kids to get things from him and she has hurt him many times in their past so my virgin nature wanted to protect him. I have been wondering if this is all a test, because although he says he is done with me and to leave him alone, he still seems to have a door open and he will contact me back sometimes. I know scorps test and I also cannot see him giving up on a person he felt so strong about, stating he was crazy about me. I want us back, but I at least want a friendship.

  • He's pretty fed up with your interfering and demanding ways at present - Scorpios hate that. He has left a crack in the door open to see if you will change, but he doesn't want you as you are now.

    The question is - can you stop interfering in his dealings with his ex - it's none of your business really. And can you stop being so needy towards him, as he sees it? Neither of you really wants to change - you both want the other person to do that so I don't see this working out because you are both too stubborn.

  • Well, as I told him...he never really explained his dealings with his ex's kids to me, my only issue was him being used or mistreated once again by assisting his financially as he had before(virgo protective nature). We have never discussed this issue before and I have never stated I do not want him there for his kids, just want him to create clear boundaries for his ex for respect of our relationship, that is all. Also, in the relationship I was never needy...I have always been independent and there was always plenty of space because of our distance and me working and attending grad school full time.

  • I said - needy as he sees it. He saw your interfering with his ex as a sign you wanted more of him to yourself.

  • ok...

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