Wher O Where has my Gemini gone???

  • My Gemini guy is MIA and I'm wondering why. This past Friday he asked me to be his g/f. It was awesome to hear and at the same time very scary. I haven't been in a relationship in 3 years and said that the next time I got in to one it would be for keeps. Anyway, I wouldn't answer him at first and he kept asking. I asked him would he be faithful. He said yes etc. Long story short I told him to give me some time to think about it and that I'd let him know. He said cool and we went on with our night.

    I stayed the night with him and left the next morning b/c he had to go out of town for work. He texted me and told me how good of a time he'd had the previous night and that he'd contact me when he came home. Sunday comes he texts saying he's about to get on a plane to head back home and he'd be there at midnight (basically he wanted me to come over). I told him no b/c I had to work in the morning and I knew I wouldn't be getting any sleep fooling with him. Hahaha! He agreed but I told him to come to my house the next day. He said okay.

    Monday comes and we talk through text a bit throught the day and he tells me he's still coming but wanted to know what time to come. I told him whenever was fine b/c I would be home all night. He said cool. At about 9pm I text to see if he was still coming. He said yes but he was watching Monday night football and it would be late before he got there and asked if that was okay. I said sure. He text me back about 11 saying he wasn't going to make it that he'd had too many drinks and was crashing by the friends house.

    I didn't text him back until late afternoon the next day and asked him what he was up to. He said he was running errands. I said that I was just making sure he wasn't hung over and checking on him basically. I put in a few hahaha's and LOLs to keep it light too. Then I sent him another text saying that I was glad I had fallen asleep on him otherwise I'd be pissed that he's stood me up. Since then I've gotten no texts from him. Mind you this just happened yesterday.

    I may be being a little retarded but as many of you know Pisces (that's my sign) have this intuitive spirit and I feel like something else may have happened that night. I don't know why but I do. I'm also ready to answer him about the whole g/f thing but want to do it in person. No text, no phone call so I'm really trying to hook up with him so I can get that out of the way. My mind just keeps drifting and thinking that maybe he's changed his mind on the whole girlfriend thing. You know how loopy Gemini's can be about relationships. Do you guys think he's going to call again? Am I being a crazy retard? HELP!!!! I'd really like some advice. Should I even text him again or just wait for him???? Thanks so much guys!

  • Yes. He'll Call. I have dated a Gemini off and on for 14 years and he thrives on friends, family, entertainment and variety. He has disappeared for up to 3 weeks ...no phone call,text, nothing and then call out of the blue like everything's A-okay. I still don't know if it's mind games, other relationships, or just personal issues but it happens alot. I cope because in my mind he's a FWB not a relationship. He will not act the way you think he should in a conventional relationship so adjust your expectations or brace yourself for contstant confusion and/or emotional distress. Keep it simple and don't get deep. He'll be casual,footloose, and fancy free even if you take it to the next level,....what you see now is what you'll keep getting. There like magicians, vanishing and reappearing before you can blink

  • sexxxy1,

    Do you think he's going to call again? No.

    Am I being a crazy ****? Yes.

    HELP!!!! : mix and mingle with other people.

    I'd really like some advice: think it over, try to get clear.

    Should I even text him again or just wait for him???? Neither nor.

    But a simplicity is needed, a simplicity of

    the heart. The calculating mind can come close and is

    still going to miss.

  • Thanks DJazz....what confused me the most is that he asked me to be his g/f and went MIA that night. I really hink it's just the crazy Pisces girl in me that's looking for him to be calling and texting like crazy especially since he came after me so hard. It really has only been one day, not even a day...just a few hours since our last communication. What has me going is that the communication isn't the way I expect it to be especially after asking me to be his g/f. I contacted my ex Gemini lover too and he told me that that's just how they are and that he'll call. I surely hope so b/c now I like him. Before he asked me to be his g/f I wasn't thinking about him. Hahaha!

  • BTW DJazz since you've dated a Gemini for 14 years I feel like your insight is pretty dang good. When he does call should I bring it up and how it made me feel or just let it go. My thoughts are to just let it go and move on. It's not like he slapped my mama or anything. LOL

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