Question for Shuabby...

  • Shuabby, would you indulge me in a reading? Just interested in generally what you see for me, esp in area of spiritual/psychic development . Also, anything picked up on how Kevin (5/10/74) fits into my path?? If it isn't too much trouble...


  • Dear Jenlyn123,

    I feel as if you are searching for a deeper meaning to your life, it feels as if you have been drifting for awhile. In 2011 you will begin to study spiritual/psychic development and start to read tarot cards if you are not doing that now? Find a methaphysical church near you and look into classes , as I see you really getting into this area and moving forward in an enlighten way to the point of teaching what you learn to others. You have dreams? Pay attention to them as they will help guide you in the coming year also. Kevin will be present in your life for awhile as there is something you both are to learn from one another, try to keep it slow moving with him and don't push him or he may flee from you as he feels like he has endured some emotional hardships that have him a bit learie of deep ties at this time. I feel many good things coming to you in the new year, more money and greater depth of emotion and pulling people to you that will fullfill your inner needs and bring a lot of happiness and love to you.

    Have a wonderful day.

  • Hi Shuabby, I have read a couple of your replies and was wondering if you could possible do a reading for me? My dob 13 January 1970. My partner dob is 17 March 1969. He seems really distant and I wonder if its another woman that has his attention? Please help. I have had this uneasy feeling for 8 months and I just want it to stop. He is not telling me everything and I need to know.

    Please help!!

  • Shuabby,

    Thank you!!! That is all beautiful news. I have been reading tarot since about January, and have recently picked it up a little more seriously. I have been thinking of offering to do some readings on this site as practice, but don't want to let people down if I'm not quite getting it right yet. And I went to a metaphysical church once a while back and just started thinking I'd like to go back so sounds like I'm on the right track. I do believe I am meant to help enlighten others and am already doing this with those close to me and really want to take it on a broader scale.

    I don't remember my dreams too often, but have been making more of an effort to pay closer attention to them. Only vivid one I've had recently was that Kevin's kids were with me and it felt real and like it actually happened. Couldn't shake it. (We dated each other in high school then married others, got divorced and found each other again, only to have to go our separate ways. I believe he is my twin flame and am not sure we will ever find our way to one another in this life. I recently offered him forgiveness for the pain he caused me and we now remain close friends though I am in CA and he is in CO. But in this dream his kids were with me and it was VERY real and I've not been able to make sense of that.)

    Thanks again for the insight. If you have any question I can read for you in tarot for practice, I'd be happy to and you can let me know how I've done. 🙂

  • Dear Jenlyn123,

    I don't know if you received my question for you: What does 2011 hold for me career wise and of course anything else that comes up in the spread you can give.

    Don't be fearful about being 100 percent accurate, no one is .

    Look forward to your reading.

  • Hi Shuabby,

    I was away for the weekend and just received your question so I apologize for the delay. Okay, so here is what I see for you in regards to 2011: First off, I see you in a very powerful position spiritually. I see you perhaps teaching others in this aspect. You are going to have a great impact on the world spiritually, and have all the tools to accomplish this. Financially, I see you as having what you need. Not too much comes up there. It does not seem to be on the forefront for you. Next, I do see some troubled waters ahead. You will encounter a time where you are going to need to rest and meditate as your spiritual growth and work may take a bit of a toll on you. But you will not be in this period for long and will come out of it triumphant. Lastly, there is something here about a partnership. Not sure if you are single? I cannot really say whether this is a partnership of romance, but feel it has more to do with a higher purpose. I pulled the two of cups and the Lovers cards here. While it would be easy to make the leap that this is a romantic relationship, I have to say that my intuition tells me that this is bigger than that. I feel there is some sort of "exchange" going on here with you and another person and that it is on a much more spiritual level, if that makes sense? I'm curious to know if this means anything to you as it is really coming through strongly for me.

    As I said, I'm entirely new at this so I hope that I provided you something of interest. Would love to hear how I've done if you are comfortable telling me!

    Love and light to you!


  • Dear Ladies,

    What does 2011 hold for me career wise and love wise.

    Wishing you all the BEST!!!


  • Faitheee, I will take a crack at this for you tonight. At work now. 🙂

  • Jenlyn123 Hi, I just saw this thread and I would be honored if you would give me a reading. Congrats on your hard work to help others and stepping out in faith. My dob is 6/11/51 and whatever comes up will be appreciated. Sincerely, MissD.

  • Hi jenlyn.

    I would love a quick read from you if you are able and not too busy to fit me in.

    I'd really like to know how my involvement with a combined career and a move overseas will go and if next year will be the time for it.

    Most apreciated.

    Blessings Lisa x

  • Thank you dear! my birthdate is 27/04/70 , Johannesburg South Africa should you need this info.


  • Oops my question was directed at Shaubby sorry lol! But hi to jenlyn also : )

    my bday is 15/4/71 - dizzy mare!! lol.

    Blessings x

  • Dear Jen,

    I think you did a very good job with this reading. I'm married and do believe that you are correct in saying that this relationship coming will be on a spiritual level, more than likely a teacher I will meet. Sounds exciting with the spiritual work as I'm growing with it, doing more of it in the community in which I live.

    I see that my question brought you many more from others and will give you the opportunity to really grow with your gift now.

    Blessings to you.

  • Faithee, I will reiterate that I am still new at this so bear with me and I hope this makes sense to you!

    Career: I am sensing a lot of change going on in this area for you. Did you recently lose a job or change careers? I see animals, or something of a creative nature for you and a position of power such as management. Are you thinking of starting your own business? There seems to be some fear and worry surrounding this. You are to put your trust in God and know that you are being provided for and that your cup will overflow. I sense that there is a little more faith needed and that you are struggling with that a bit. Rest, meditate and reconnect with spirit here and it will all work out just fine.

    Love: My disclaimer stands here again as this came through very interesting for me. First off, PATIENCE. You need to tread slowly where love and romance are concerned. I see two men and you being torn between them. One is definitely a foolish boy type. There is a great deal of lust and desire prevalent here and you need to be careful with your choice. I see that there are some mental blocks you are working through before love is going to be coming in any significant way. In all of this, you are to be reminded that YOU are the Queen. Put yourself first and do not settle.

    Does this make any sense at all??? I hope so! I'm very grateful that you offered me the opportunity to read for you. Let me know how things go for you! 🙂

    Love and light...

  • MissD, let me just say, wow, wow, wow! As you know, I'm fairly new to this as far as reading for strangers. But I have been doing Tarot for almost a year now and reading for myself and friends and family. In all the readings I've done, I've never had one quite like this. What I'm getting as I look at these cards is a very loud, "GIRL, YOU GOT IT ALL GOING ON!" lol Seriously. Powerful stuff here and all to do with relationship. Are you married? I'm guessing no from the looks of this, but let me tell you, you will be. This is one very strong, positive reading here. There is marriage here. You are the Empress and you have got the Emperor. What's more, you have not one, not two, but THREE kings! This man you meet or have has got it all - money, stability, spirituality - the trifecta. You literally have the entire world in your hands. God is blessing you here in a big way. The Hanged Man comes out in this, which signifies to me that you've learned some valuable lessons in this life and are now primed and ready for all that God has got in store for you, and it's good stuff Missy!

    I hope this one is dead on, and I feel it is. I feel a sense of charge and excitement and just an abundance of positive energy in this so good for you!!!! 🙂 Enjoy it all!

    Hope this makes sense to you! Thanks very much for allowing me the opportunity to practice/read for you! 🙂

    Love and light...

  • Hi Jenlyn123, i would be happy if you read for me as well, could you?

  • Dear Jenlyn,

    WOW, WOW, WOW …this is goose bumpy stuff. You are truly gifted and I’m grateful to GOD for connecting me with you.

    I got laid off in November last year due to the recession and I have been looking for a new job for a while now to no avail, obviously this has brought about a lot of anxiety and worry as I am a single mom of two and have to provide for all our needs. That said GOD has been incredibly amazing because each month we continue to survive and our needs are being provided for. So again you are spot on this. I have also used this time to study for a Masters degree in Business Administration as I wanted to position myself for “position of power such as management” from your reading it looks like its definitely going to happen.

    I have been trying to start a business for a while and this too has not quite worked out – perhaps because of the lack of confidence and fear from my part as you correctly pointed out.

    Going forward, I will be working on building my faith and work on getting rid of my insecurities and fears by BELIEVING, resting, meditating and reconnecting with the spirit.

    As far as love is concerned, you are right again, I need to practice patience as I have let this area consume my life, I am getting anxious as I would love to find my ideal mate and settle down. The man in my life currently displays the characteristics of a foolish type boy you mentioned – he is all physical (always going on about my physical appearances) and on many occasions I have felt that he is not emotionally and spiritually connected with me and he does not treat me right or care about me at a deeper level. I am going to be PATIENT!

    Thank you for an awesome reading and I wish you all the best as you develop your gift further. I will keep you posted with the developments.

    Love and Light!

  • Jenlyn,

    by the way, my background is Events Management - a very creative field, just following through from your reading...very interesting indeed!

    Thanks again!

    Love, peace and light...

  • Hi Jenlyn123, I am laughing inside because I sure hope you are right on! I could feel your excitement and enthusiasm and it sure excites and enthuses me!! I am not married and have not been for about 4 years. Funny thing, I did join a dating site and it has not panned out for me. I have not had a date since my divorce. I have worked hard practicing forgiveness regarding betrayal etc. I sometimes feel I will have a true love come into my life but I have not met anyone yet. The only one I really had a passion for was an old flame from long, long ago. I saw him briefly last year and again briefly in September. He is unavailable and I don't want to go there. Other than that, I have no one in my life as of today. LOL! I am ready for God's abundant blessing because I have asked him for one.

    Thank you so much Jenlyn for the reading. Keep at it and make sure you take care of yourself as to not get burned out or discouraged. I feel you have a lovely gift. Sincerely, MissD.

  • Dear Jenlyn

    I loved reading your posts in this thread, each of your readings has sort of a refreshing feel to it, not sure how to explain but they're not... well, heavy.

    Any chance you could also read for me, if you're still up for a bit more reading?

    I will defenitely give feedback!

    Birthdate 24/August/1988 12(Noon):12(Minutes) ; Lisbon(Portugal)

    Am currently a University student... for at least this year and 3 more(the course is 6 years, I am on 3rd)

    Am most interested in love(LOL how basic) and spirituality...but any kind of reading will be appreciated.

    One more thing i'd like to know is... if a woman who had me as a love interest was to ask for a reading about me(like I see people do many times in this forum), what would it say about me?

    Thanks in advance!

    And NO WORRIES about not being completely accurate... just do your best 😄

    PS: I'll use this opportunty to send a hug to Shuabby also, hoping she has been reading this! I've been following your advice 😄 Visualize, Visualize, Visualize!

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