TheCaptain... :0) help again pls*big Hug*..I really need your assisatnce

  • Hello Captain well I am pretty sure you have already guessed I am having some problems in my love life...okay last when i reached out to you i was dealing with a man who did not trust me...He went through all these things to see if i would cheat on him....He has called me from other numbers acting like someone else he has even set up a fake facebook page and tried to contact me and spark conversation....Also get ready for this...I am getting ready to go to work ...i work with my modeling agency on a project they r doing anywho this is only once a week so far and i am a stay at home mom right now okay so before work I am doing my nails...this man gets all upset and tells me that i am doing my nails for other guys...what the heck is this he went on you never do your nails for me your prob going to get all cute huh yup for all the guys....this is what he thinks...he fails to understand that i love looking good and besides we never went anywhere for me to get i thought that was funny but this behavior I could not except..I love confidence and he showed me none...I had to leave him alone but he can not understand why i felt the way i did...I mean this man tru beer on me well my very cute dress arrrgh accused me of many things and I was totally true to this man...I am fed up...he wants to work things out but i do not look at him as the same person...Now that i am single again my oldest son's father and I have been getting a little closer and he is even showing sides that i have never seen...sides that I wished he would show lol.. we hung out and had the best time singing old songs dancing laughing with the kids it was a great time...and this man always makes me laugh and is very confident but can be jealous at times to....both of these men are water signs which makes me think how could anything work with any of these guys...hold on to your seat it gets more tricky I met this guy a few years ago we had a huge instant connections and things have been up and down eversince found out he was married but he has never told me....we still speak he tells me he loves me and acts as if we r together...soooo to make a long story short need help figuring out which one of these 3 men if any desreve my time love and affection lol.. What is so funny is when I was with guy #1 was okay thought that was it until he started his B.S. which infact turned me around and had me thinking about guy#2 and funny

    okay my bday 7/24/79

    guy #1 3/4/72

    guy #2 11/14/78

    guy #3 6/21/78

    just to give you a better understanding.....tried to make it as short as i cud lol....

  • Guy #2 I have already compared with you in the Compatibility Thread.

    You and guy #1: This guy - like #2 - is very temperamentally different to you. (Are you trying to escape yourself?) Friendship is better here than any closer relationship, for this guy can get overly sensitive and emotional when it comes to those he is intimate with. In a friendship you don't get the problems that you will find in a love affair here. In fact you both risk becoming too dependent on each other in an intimate relationship which will cause many difficulties on the home front. Your friend has a tendency to insecurity and to isolate himself when upset, although he can help you get more in touch with your own feelings - he either helps you in a positive or negative way but he still manages to help you access what you really feel. You can help him become more social if he is willing. This is more a teaching relationship than a soulmate connection - you should both take what you learn here and assimilate it into your characters so that it augments your personal growth as individuals and helps you to interact with others more effectively in the future.

    You and guy #3 - Again you pick someone very different to you. This relationship is truly out of the ordinary, even bizarre in a way. It magnifies the unconventional aspects in both of you and your relationship may stun your family and friends. A conventional friendship or marriage may not be possible for you two, and you may replace them with an unusual sort of companionship, career connection or living situation. Tremendous differences in body type, background, status, diet, or religion etc. may be evidenced here, representing not a compromise but a totally new and eccentric combination. You two are more likely to flaunt your differences in public than hide them. Being the centre of attention won't be too disturbing for the pair of you, who will tend to feel - at first anyway - that other people must adjust to you and not vice versa. The motives for your bizarre lifestyle might not be so easy to discover, however. The psychology at work here mgiht be that you both feel ostracized by society in some way and seek mutual solace as a form of defense. But you musn't just shock for the sake of it. Don't become lovers just for the attention factor. Your love relationship can be judged by the fact that you are too different to be good close friends.

    MOONRAIZ, do you know why you choose partners who are so very different to you? It may be exciting at first but how will you stay together for long if you can't agree on or share things? You will have to be prepared to do a lot of compromising of your individuality if you intend to continue interacting with these types of partners.

  • THANKS AGAIN... okay guys 1-2 yes they are very different from me in many ways infact they are a bit similar...but guy #3 now this guy is way different infact I thought we had so much in common from our different styles to likes and dislikes...this is news to me...I have no idea why I choose partners who are so different from me...starting to think love is just not for me

  • Love can certainly be for you if you figure out why you stop it coming to you.

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