Drawn to a past love

  • Hello everyone! I am facinated by the psychic abilities of others. I tend to be supersticious simple because of the way things have happened in my life. I trusted one psychic in the past who was partially right about me and things in my life.

    Currently I am being strongly drawn to a past person whom I have deep feelings for. I didnt think anything of it at first because we all reminise about the past at some point, right? I am starting to wonder about this though. Not only are there memories, but there is some extremly stong energy aimed at this person. Every day I see, and hear constant reminders. I have had numerous dreams about things. More so, my gut is nagging me and making it very hard to move on and leave things in the past. While I am no way a psychic, I am not sure what to do with all of this energy. I cant seem to let it go and move on. It is all positive, and cant help to think that I should not leave things "un-done" , which is where it was left. Many things left unsaid. Any ideas? What do I do with all of this energy. I have planned an action, but dont know if its the right thing to do.

  • Hi, Well, there's a reason why you are thinking about leaving it alone. I wouldn't meddle in "what might be." I have experienced coincidence, signs etc. when it comes to relationships and not real sure where the energy comes from. I lean toward angels. In making a decision, I tend to think of all parties involved. A lot of times, people don't even recognize their own circumstance. I don't go into anything thinking I'm a quick-change artist, meaning I accept peoples circumstance and don't think I'm going to change them. I don't do a whole lot of bending either, however, I do conside myself to be a helper, until I see that someone is not helping themselves. If you know your on the right path, follow it.

  • Thank you Dalia! I appreciate your reply. I dont know what could have been, because so much has been left unsaid. It has been ten years and the feeling in my gut is as strong now as it was then. I agree with the angel idea. I tend to think there is a reason for her too. A big part of me thinks I may just need closure from the unsaid , undone things with this person. I really need to clear up some regrets I have had for all of this time. Do you think it would be smart to follow up ? When ever I see this person, we joke alot, we are friendly, and do remember the past. You can definatly see the old flame burning. I dont expect anything out of it, I think my problem may be as I said, needing closure. I do think there is a reason why things were left unsaid, I just dont know why for sure. All I know is that I cant seem to get past it.

  • Hi doodette I will tell you my experience of someone who keeps popping into my head. When its a friend that I keep picking up on and I finally give them a call because they keep coming up off and on for a few days, the first thing they say to me is you have been on my mind. I tell them I know because you have been dinging me. That's what I call it when they are thinking of me over a period of time and it doesn't stop bugging me. Now if its an x no I push that out and keep going with what I was doing. Someone said "an x is an x for a reason" and I think that's where most of them should stay. In the past. You may be just picking up on him tapping into you and he is just thinking about you. Could be I am wrong but I feel it may be that.

  • My own experience with relationships is to be 100% with myself. Meaning, I can't control others, only myself. I am real ok with anothers decision whatever it is. If I follow along the path of truth, I'll be ok. Sometimes in a relationship we feel like we're in limbo. I hate that. Just some thoughts.

  • Hello LibrasUnited- I thought someone stole my only ID, but is it was taken by my Twin.

    I so agree with your wise words. Why people do not read our minds? And yes if it is an X is an X - not a question mark?

    I people ask why someone ruined their lives, when is a right given to Libras to do so.

    I do not think that maybe is the result our irresponsible actions that these people are pursuing with energy, it is US...they are pursuing. It is only because we, Libras are so very special.

  • So, no it was not my error - LibrasUnited turned into LibrasLair

    But the screenname just changed right after I posted the message.

  • Dalia-

    i have a question for you. What do you do when you know that the decision of "other" is something that is based on something you can change? You do nothing.. or because you know the laws of cause and effect are directly related think that if you change the cause you can automatically change the effect?

    then again that depends you care about that cause- of course.

  • Hi Doodette,

    I too have had exactly the same experience with two different people over a number of years.

    It is a difficult one to answer because individual circumstances play a huge role.

    I find sending angelic love and healing energy to the root of the problem and to the people goes a long way towards peace of mind and somehow balances out the strength of the energy.

    Sounds to me like you are a natural healer.

    I too have discovered that as they are in my thoughts, i am in theirs.

    However, i've also discovered to my detriment, that one of these people is not open to being contacted directly and the other one, i don't even have a contact number for anymore.

    So i have to trust that the positive energy i send to each situation is being dealt with effectively by universal energies. Often the one who isn't open to my contact gets in touch of his own volition and that's the time to talk.

    Good luck and i hope my experience has helped a little. 🙂


  • Verdana, thanks so much for your words of wisdom. The universal energy you speak of is, I feel, part of the reason I am having this issue. I just dont know what to do with it. Not only do I seem to have this driving force internally, there is always something outside, and everywhere, pointing to the same direction...to contact this person. Almost like something won't allow me to forget and move on until I go through the motions that are meant for me.

    I never imagined that this energy could be in focus for someone else. I just figured this was my own battle. What you said put some things into a new perspective for me. Thank you so very much.

    Just two days ago, I was womdering where I might find this person. How to get in touch if and when I decided to. I decided to just sit back a while, and that I shouldn't force the issue. If it is meant for me to do, it will work out sooner or later. I dont want to be obsessive. So I tried to forget about it.

    Then, there it was, yesterday, I had a visit from someone who I never see, and havn't for months. The conversation was work related, then about family, then of a mutual friend of the person I have been wondering about, and the information about where he was was dumped in my lap. I did not ask (since this friend has no idea what Im going through) It was more of a "matter of fact" conversation.

    I walked away thinking, what the hec? The info was just handed to me.

    These kinds of things happen almost daily, as if I cant get away from it. It seems more often when I try to forget.

  • LibrasAlwaysRight I am sorry, what are you talking about. I am not the same person that LibrasUnited is. If you think we both sound the same in our posts I really don't think you are reading them right. I haven't been posting on the forums for long. Only a few weeks. And I hope I don't sound as harsh as some of the Libras on here. I try not to be negative when I post and still be true to myself. Our sign has a lot of negative traits that we are suppose to be working though to become better people. So I hope I don't sound like someone else if I interject something that I feel. Wow that was a slap.

  • Hi again Doodette,

    i'm glad my words helped.

    That's how working with the flow of energy works.

    By 'trying to forget' you are making a conscious effort to let it go and allow it to flow.

    Once you do that, things start to slot into place. Sometimes we worry too much and that puts the blocks on. You'll see, it'll all work as it should with precision timing.

    Verdana 🙂

  • I've been experiencing this same feeling about someone i was dating about three years ago but after reading your post and the responds i have a new prespective , we were staying in contact but i felt it was best to stop thinking my feeling would change but i feel the same way i felt three years ago but i really believe in the universal thing when we were keeping in contact when ever i was thinking of him he would always call months could have went by so i really belive in universal energy

  • Hi Lalwaysright, I think in anything you have to go into it with a firm set of beliefs. That way if it doesn't work, you won't come out of it as 1/2 or less than what you were before. Sometimes the trick is to see the pit before you fall. I say this from past experiences. I think it is a true blessing to have a life-long partner that enriches your life. That hasn't been my experience. I can say that I've had the help of good friends and God. I accept this and feel I have been blessed. It's not a curse to move past something that doesn't work, it's a lesson. That's what I mean, and don't always explain, when I say I move past something. Or accept another's decision.

  • Hi folks...first post for me but the subject got my attention. You see, I am still strongly drawn to a former love (that I still love) and I can't help but feel that we were meant to be together even though we are not right now. It's been off and on for a year- at first because we lived far apart and couldn't see each other often and then stuff happened...Now we live in the same city (for 3 months because I moved to take the job I really wanted) but haven't talked for 4...had a big blowout for now apparent reason (his) about a month before I moved here. Still, I know in my heart that it is meant (and he had said this many times before the freak show). I use the power of intention to draw him back into my life as the man I fell in love with and send my love to him every day. And I know that is enough. See, we can't control others, but we can control our own thoughts and energies to summon the power of the Universe in creating what we want- as long as it is the right thing, for the right reasons, and we don't lose faith. Question your reasons before doing this, but never your faith in your ability to create the life you choose....even when the situation looks impossible. Good luck all!

  • Hi Doodette

    I too, have experienced this for the last four years. It's not so much that I am thinking about him on my mine...it's that he is thinking about me. It is my belief that when soul mates finally find each other, the connection is so deep, so soulful (if you will)....you are always a part of each other. I too am given signs, such as his first name coming up on television, commercials, as a producer of a movie.....I change the channels on the radio only to hear his song for me....signs, signs, everywhere a sign. He can't let go of me anymore than I can let go of him. I feel your pain. People run away for all reasons Doodette, sometimes they're very illogical reasons that cause nothing but pain for the one left behind. I have no answer for you. I live this on a daily basis. I feel his pain just as deeply and intensely as if he were here in my arms right now.......and he knows this too. Makes you wonder then why soul mates can't just live happily ever after. Everyone wants to find their soul mate. Just because you do, doesn't mean you will be together. It's frustrating, irritating, painful and heart stabbing to know you have this type of mental connection to another individual. Just keep yourself in his thoughts Doodette.......as he is apparently keeping himself in your thoughts. Just because you are not together now.....doesn't mean you won't be.

  • This is an interesting subject. Karma, Kismet, Fate. . .happens. If something is meant to be, it will be. I met a guy in high school a very long time ago in a galaxy far far away. We were cleaning up after a Senior dance neither one of us went to. We dated and went steady for all of 4 months tops and then I dumped him at Christmas. Should have been the end? I looked for him 2 years later. I could not remember his address or anything that might have led me back to him. I got within a half a block of his house and couldn't remember what it looked like. Not the right time? Twenty years later I went to a HS reunion to look for him. He wasn't there. I divorced my then husband for a number of reasons (bleeding heart Cancer comes to mind). I told my kids I'd never get married again unless if was this guy I met my senior year in high school. Twelve years later I'm fiddling with addresses in Texas and come on one with a name I recognize. It's his name. I don't call because I figure he hates me and probably happily married with 10 kids. I'm a paralegal and I do research on the internet. This banner from Classmates keeps coming up in my face. I log on 34 years after I met this guy and there's his name. I just register for free. The next day I get an email from him. I decide to go to Texas where he actually does live. The plane fare is cheap and I figure I can stay in a hotel if he's a creep. There standing in the Dallas-Ft Worth airport is an old guy with a rose and I see an 18 year old. No time has passed between the Senior dance cleanup and that day. Things just happened like they were supposed to happen. We were married in less than a month from the day he sent me his email. It turns out there were times when we thought about each other and they were the same times we looked for each other. When I looked up his name in the Dallas phone book, he joined the Classmates site hoping I'd visit. We've been married 9 years now and love each other more each day. Soul Mates? Makes you wonder about the Universe and the plans it makes. I figure it wasn't the right time when we met. At the same time, I had to know him then to know him now. Sometimes souls need to ripen and mature to come together again.

  • Hello Scorpio1117, What a beautiful story ending I am sure we would all love to have this kind of ending, I have had a similar 35 yr comeback and of course I was hopeful. With-in a month of our new relationship I found him to be an Alcoholic , I know it,s an illness but after 3 months my gut was telling me not to go any further. I feel ill and so lost right now as I Truly love him and he loves me. He is handsome ,clean, very romantic & wealthy but frugal. He has done the addiction program but it did not work I gave up and I am pulling away. It is painful. what would you have done? I just need re-assurance

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