Compatibility - Please help!

  • Captain ---- Yes, I've met his guy friends, the one he hangs out with and they like me alot. He's only got a few on FB, but it's just strange.

    "They don't like anything too settled, preferring some tension in the relationship." Well, we have plenty of THAT! LOL I can be passive but me being a Scorpio, I can turn aggressive too. So how do I keep him interested?? I certainly don't want to play any games! LOL

    Do you believe that he was honest when he said he loved me or was there something else to it? You know us Scorps, we're always looking for a hidden agenda! LOL

  • What he meant was that he was grateful that you seem to love him. He doesn't know what real love is yet because of his confusion over his father and whether or not his dad loved/loves him. What keeps him interested in you is your interesst in him - he deeply needs to feel wanted and loved. Try doing something very loving and special for him - he may seem shocked at first because he is unused to that sort of thing but deep down he will be touched and appreciative.

  • Captain

    As a Taurus man, what are some things that you would find special and loving? He's not a real outdoorsy guy like some Taurus, he's more of an indoor guy that loves tv and movies!! lol

  • Well, I'm a woman but I know we Taureans like to have home-cooked dinners and a special night in with soft lights, music and plenty of romance.

  • Captain

    LOL!! I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions to think you were a man! 😞 I've cooked ALOT for him, massages, bought dvds, etc and even danced around my living room in front of him (which I NEVER do in front of a man, we ladies like to do that stuff in private!! LOL What's funny is that he's gained a few pounds, but still looks GOOOOOD, since we've been seeing each other. Oh the joys of relationship weight! LOL

  • Great compatibility analysis from the Captain!! 🙂

    I wonder if the Captain can help me too...

    Me - female Jan 9, 1980 (I think my moon is in Libra)

    Him - Oct 12, 1981 (I don't know his moon)

    I appreciate any insights as I am considering cutting tie with him after 4 years of ups and downs with 2 being long distance.

  • You'll have to start your own thread please, Hopelesslyromanticcappie, and I will answer you there.

    Or just go to my Compatibility Analysis thread -

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