Confusing situation...

  • Hi all I'm new to the forum - have been a member of the site for a few years and never actually thought of joining in - from reading through some topics and replies it looks like a great community to be a part of. I've been told that I'm clairaudient and although I doubt it at times - I know I get yelled at when I'm not listening! 🙂

    I'm seem to be doubting my decision that I made in regards to Jason (Sept 9th 1970)

    We had a relationship last year for 6 months I knew at the time when we got closer that he was leaving to go overseas to see the world! This was all good except I fell in love with him and it seemed him with me. We kept in contact over the 10 months he was gone, I asked him during that time if when he got home would he consider us trying again in the future...he said "definitely". However he has come back and seems to be quite detached although we did get intimate a few times and were in contact. I may have been a bit hasty in pushing it with him to find out the deal between us...he said he isn't sure if he will be staying in the country or not etc. I said well "that answers that I hope it works out for you" we are not talking. Is there a way to patch this up or shall I just accept he has moved on and I should to, even though I still have very strong feelings for him.

    Thanks for your time 🙂 any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Whoops would help if I got his birthday right! 21 Sept 1970...

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