Need help with a recent dream!!!!

  • I had a dream earlier today(10/6/2010) that kind of scared me but didnt at the same time. I had a dream that I bought my kids a game that if you sprayed a potion on the animals they would come to life. I was also given another potion that if sprayed on the animals it would make them back into game pieces....well the first potion was sprayed on a green snake. When I saw the snake I jumped on the countertop in my kitchen and asked someone to come get it. My son who is 5 came in and picked up the snake and I told him to put it down and he told me no I am playing with it. I told him this three times and each time he said no, so I picked up the broom and smacked it out of his hands. My son became upset and left out the kitchen. I called out to my oldest daughter to spray the second potion on it and when she did it made the snake go crazy. I asked her where the snake went to and she said under the cabinets and now its going up the wall. The snake was trying to get to me on the counter. I jumped off the counter and tried to spray it again but the potion(or whatever its called) did not work. I ran outside and my oldest daughter picked it up I told her to trhow it outside away from the house. Instead of her doing that she throws it across the hall to my neighbors door. I fussed and asked her why would she do that knowing I was on my way down the stairs. The stairs in my building have a metal banister around it but plenty of spaces for something to crawl thru it. Well by the time I got to the fifth step the snake was coming to the opening but before it could get to meI woke up. I am confused by the meaning of this dream. At first I wasnt but a neighbor said it meant that it was a "snake" around me. That made me think alot on this. Can someone help me to better understand this or is this just a crazy dream. I am afraid of snakes, had a bad incident with one when I was younger.

  • Hello heartbrokenleo

    I have many experiences with dreams and seeing the future so here is what I think your dream means....

    A green snake means you will have money coming to you within days, but this money will be already spent in someone'e else's mind. Do not allow anyone to spend your money without including youself in their plans. Good Luck is with you at the moment. Know to run from the snake in your dream and say jump on the cupboard, for the next 4 days someone will go great to great lengths to steer you in the wrong direction. Be alert to this and do not allow yourself to be lured onto the wrong paths. So Please make sure you place less importance on others and more on yourself at the moment.

    Hope this info helps.... 🙂

  • Does anyone else have any insights on what this dream could possibly mean?

  • Beanic this has helped out alot. I am just confused about the person trying to steer me in the wrong direction. Knowing this I have been on the lookout and its kind of driving me crazy. i dont deal with many people because of what I see in them.

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