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  • AngelBee>>>>>ms Sunny, may i trouble you for just a plain old love reading for these past 2 mounths of something like that? i know you are very good, and just wanted to know weather you had the time to do one for me? as i do not know what to expect really and which directions to take and all that.

    Blessings bee X

    I almost missed your post on the other thread. If you want me to provide you a reading, yes, I can do that.. what I will need is your date of birth, and if you are asking on another person, I will need his/her date of birth.


  • Okay will its mostly just a friendship relationship to see what i can do to make it better, and just looking for advice on how to make it better even, if thats okay with you? i am also looking for love too yes but i know that will come to me in time. i am searching for a Soulmate so i dont really want to be playing around too much, i have only ever been in 2 relationships and they were okay but still looking for something more i guess.

    my birthday is november 9th 1991, if you need date and time and all that iv got that too.

    My friends birthday is feburary 24th 1964/ or 25th but i think thats right, and yes she is an adult friend, most of my friends are 😃

    Love and light and blessings to you BEE x thanks again ms Sunny

  • GM Angel Bee,

    I used a relationship spread with the Tarot cards.

    there I see a big issue with you is self-confidence. either you have too much, or too little. other than that, I see lots of good things coming your way.

    as with this older lady friend you speak of... I do see a struggle from you. yes or no... you are not sure about her or her intentions. is this lady a teacher or a mentor. because from what I see, a wiser older person that can teach you about life's experieinces and so on. She is willing to let you in her life. she is a bit of a loner or likes to live alone and is very private.

    you are older and very mature for your young age of 19... you struggle with the opposite sex. are you stuggling with your own identity? versus what is normal as opposed to being different.

    I would suggest making contact with a counselor that can shed light with your inner soul. The sun reversed indicates you are unhappy with who you are, and you need to understand yourself better.

    you are not ready for a relationship even if you think you are. wait awhile before jumping into another arms. friendship is good, relationship require a lot of work and commitment.

    focus on your own goals for awhile, and think more for yourself.

    Blessed be, Sunny

  • BTW ~ to answer y our question on LOVE.. I do not see Love or romance in the near future. what I see is you discovering a new world and experiencing new opportunities. you may feel like a fish out of water. another way of putting it would be; growing pains.. lol lots of discovering about you.

    so for love, relationship, and romance is more at bay until you know more on what you want.

    deep connections come around once in awhile, and usually when you are not looking too hard. relax, learn to work on deep breaths to help you unwind some.

    soulmates can apply to animals, parents, best friends, or even a total stranger. it usually implies to unfinished business from a past life, or teacher/student exchange relationship where you learn or teach the other person.

    life partners do not always have to be soul mates.. although they can be. life partner is someone you choose for life to build with.

  • Ohh thanks so much Ms sunny, your right about all that lol i do have trouble understanding who i am, and you're right i do not know what her intentions. because when i ever see her she seems to act a little of with me, different in ways. like i am confused about my sexuality and all that, and i know iv got to find a counselor i have ideas but it has to feel right, and be the right person.

    Do you think this woman would help me in some way then? with achieving anything.

    you're right about not being ready for a relationship, i am struggling to understand however why i like this woman so much, as i seem to think about her alot not so much at the moment, as i know perhaps i will be seeing her soon, she does keep herself private and does not talk to me much but perhaps i can change that this time, and ask if she will keep in contact more with me? perhaps that will be nice.

    I guess i worry about her a lot though i cant help it LOL

    I guess i need to relax on that subject as i am not ready just yet for another relationship, maybe in 3 years or something like that lol i want to be sorting myself out and doing studying stuff and being with friends.

    Thanks so much ms Sunny. you were right about things i am still 18 though nearly 19. i would still not sure what my friend wants from me, perhaps a friend to talk to? one to confined in and all that.

    Blessings and LOVE BEE XX 😃

  • i am still 18 though nearly 19. i would still not sure what my friend wants from me, perhaps a friend to talk to? one to confined in and all that.

    first thing I want to point out when dealing with a much older person. she may feel a fish out of water when dealing with someone your age for social networking? exactly what do you have in mind, and what you think she really wants from you?

    for example, when my son was 18 years old, he befriended a much older gentlemen around 30 years old. doesn't it seem rather odd that my son who acts like he is 14 would want to hang around someone of that age. the bigger question would be why in the world would a 30 year old want to hang around a teen? what could they have in common?

    it turned out that this older nice gentleman was a pedophile. nothing happened to my son, and my son being very intuitive and an aries got the message right away, and got away from him before anything even got started. my husband and I were not at all comfortable with our son hanging out with someone 12 years older.

    this woman you speak of... is how old?????? according to my math, she is 46.. holy moly! 28 years older than you.

    it would be acceptable for you 2 to spend time together if she was your teacher for a particular study group? or a mentor.

    you understand where I am coming from? she may let you in her life, but with a high price to pay. be very careful of where you tread.

    If you are having an identity crises which is what I think you are going through, meaning your s e x u a l i t y. and you are curious about this other woman. because of your age, I think if you are not careful of where you tread your reputation and hers could be destroyed.

    the danger lies more with her than with you. she would have more at stake to lose and to become involved with you on a friendship only would be considered by many as risky.

    use your head....


  • what do you have in mind, and what you think she really wants from you?


    that's exactly it i do not know, and she has been a friend of the family for about 8 years we see each other on occasions like this halloween for instant we are going up to visit them, they have been friends of our family for a long while, i am just trying to understand why i have had struggle with my feelings and hers, and all that. I still am having trouble understanding what it all means even if i get the answers i am still confused.

    get these mixed up feelings from her, there nice, and warm but odd. if you know what i mean?

    I do not know what she wants, LOL and i do not know who i am really to know what i want, iv had various dreams about her too, ones really really crazy, to the point were i don't actually mind them.

    But i am still worried what type of relationship this is, She does not talk to me much outside from seeing her, like when we go to visit occasionally she is private, and does not speak on phones much,

    I feel like i have known her for a long time though, if you understand where i am coming from? Someone said from here that its kinda like an obsession thing, and that are birthdays sometimes have some planets in the same position or whatever making the feelings stronger or something? , or however you say it. i just would like a clear answer, someone to tell me what this is, like and how i can handle it or make is not get too worse? i just want to be her friend, and id like to stay in touch occasions you know but its hard to talk to her when i am there.

    yea she does have a lot at stake if we get too close a family as well. i understand what you're saying about you're son and the man, I do have a lot of adult friends, and have been in similar situations but have been very careful, this time though i do not know, i might make a mistake, and the risk is high. =( especially with my feelings so mixed up, and not knowing what her intentions are when i go there, its like an emotional roller coaster ride i just wanna get of LOL

    ye i think she is 46, LOL 28 years that's a lot, i really need to watch myself don't I?

    Please i hope you do not think i am crazy LOL cause i am not just trying to find out what this is all about, and really looking for a true answer and some help and guidance on how i can cope with it.

    Blessings Bee X

  • BUMP 😃

    Blessings to you Ms Sunny.

    song for you, to listen too. if you wish.

    Blessings Bee

  • Hey Ms Sunny, hope you are doing okay, you dont have to answer those questions if you dont want to i am just looking for some direction and guideance in this particular situation.

    Blessings and love Bee X

  • thanks sweetie, that was very kind, and I am humble you thought of me.

    as for furthering this? I do not have any other insights regarding your situation.. sorry.

    it's good to listen to others, and to take your time with big decisions. it's good to think

    before taking action. be careful with curiosity, as it can kill the cat. be cautious with wher

    you poke around and how deep.

  • I hit the enter button a bit too soon.

    as for getting advice, direction, and guidance can be a good thing. but when you ask a lot

    of people you will only get confused. at some point you have to take on the responsibility

    for any action you undertake. no matter how luring someone else is. of course I factor in your

    age being so young, you are vulnerable... watch your back girl, who else will do this for you?

  • Thanks Ms Sunny 😃 i hope you liked the Vid.

    i will try my best, there is a long way to go with solving such problems but i will get there in the end

    Beautiful day today, i hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    I have a lot to work on myself and i need to slow down a little LOL. I just gotta take it one step at a time. Thanks soo much for helping me, Once i try and get good with my tarot practising remind me and i will try and do a reading for you 😃 I am hoping to buy some Angel cards soon as i think i will work better with them than tarot cards at the moment, as they seem to not be working for me all that well and understanding them is a bit difficuilt.

    Blessings Bee X

  • This post is deleted!

  • thanks msSunny will take a loook 😃

  • What cards would you recommend in me using?

    I am new to the choosing types of cards thing, I do so love the angel ones so i just want to know which ones work best, and ill probable take another look later or go browse my book store at the weekend as they do have some times angel cards and stuff in there too.

    Blessings and love Bee X

  • well, I finally checked out the video by Pink Floyd... how did you know I really dig this group, and how did you know, that song is very fitting for me and my hubby. we both have been through a really difficult long road for 3 plus years with illness and lost of employment. I have been feeling as of late, things are turning around for the better, and I am beginning to feel life again.

    so that song "coming back to life" was very fitting indeed.

    see, you have good instincts, and to trust them.

    as for which angel cards? allow you instincts to guide you... xo Sunny

  • heheh Thanks msSunny i guess i surprise myself like that too, and have done that to a couple of people on here especially with blmoon too but with pictures that meant something to her, glad you liked the band he is good The division bell album is an oldie and you should listen more, i know i have some sort of psychic abilities like being an empathic i had to sleep straight away from college today was so exhausted with all the energies going around people so tired. and felt like my whole body just wanted me too sleep so i did for an hour or so.

    I Understand what you're going through sometimes we all have difficult times, i hope you and your husband come together to work through these difficult times cause that's what love is all about 😃 you are not alone and people around you holding you up keeping you going, Even if you least expect it. Someone is there. and always be there. I don't know what other gifts i have but i am sure if i have them they will come to me when i am ready. But for now I am happy with this one as it sometimes proves to much emotionally for me.

    Here is another song to share with you're hubby though if you wish too.

    This is an old band too around 80s and she no longer does any singing, but they are still good.

    hope you enjoy it.

    Also you will enjoy this one too

    Blessings and love Bee X

  • Hope you are doing Okay, always thinking of you, praying that things turn out well for you n your husband Blessings N love Bee X 😃

  • thanks for thinking of me! I wish you and all the board members the best.

    taking a much needed break.. blessed be

  • Have a lovely break Ms Sunny, Blessings N love Bee 😃

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