Please help me find a ring!

  • My mother still had the engagement ring my father gave her. It was the only piece of jewelry I ever really wanted. Last Monday, we were looking at her earring collection when I asked, "Where's my ring?" It is NOT in the jewelry box! We have looked everywhere. My mother is very careful with all her things and in fact still has the box and receipt for the ring. It is such a mystery and I just want to know what happened! Thank you for any help you can give!

  • Numbers752,

    It is such a mystery and I just want to know what happened: You are closing your eyes to the big picture.

    Thank you for any help you can give: this ring is lying in the shade.

    Use your mind. The powers of the mind develop more and more as you go

    inward and they dissipate as you go outward. Going

    outward is just like burning a lamp and then putting a

    glass shade over the flame. After putting it the flame

    will not appear very bright. Then you put another and

    yet another. In this way you place seven covers over it.

    After the seventh covering the light of the flame will

    be extremely dull and dim because it has to pass

    through seven layers.

  • Thank you for your reply! I have tried to be still and let it "call" to me. However, I am a nervous person and it is hard for me to stop all the noise. Even if I can't own it anymore, I wish I could have a sense of peace about what happened to it. I will try to open my mind to the big picture.

  • Numbers752,

    just live in your world and try to be silent. If silence is possible in your world, then it is yours, something that you have earned, and it cannot be lost. Just go on dropping the doer and let the work be God´s.

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