Does anyone see the light?

  • do any of you see the light we are surrounded by each and every day? do you see the dimness when you should stay away from someone because they can hurt you? do you know what it's like to see the brightness of hope to protect someone, or the darkness of death and there's nothing you can do about it?

  • YES!! It's a special gift, work on feeling and smelling to.If you can see it, then you can do the others. My son has seizures, the doctors can't understand me when I tell them you can feel the seizure before it comes. Has this recently just started with you? It can suck at times, but it can help at other times. Good luck. Annie

  • It is indeed a gift which you can hone to perfection.

    I find when i see the dim aura, i send love and light to it.

    Same with the darkness of death, send orange light to it. This helps immensely towards healing the energy surrounding them.

    Know the difference between death and depression. It isn't always the same but can appear so to the naked eye.

    It really is amazing when you hold the image of a person in healing light energy. You can actually see it working even though the person might not be aware of your sending it.

    It's only my opinion of course but i tend to think it's a karmic debt being repaid for a soul we once knew. There are many other possibilities but i like the sound of that one. It's good for my soul and my ego.

    Verdana 🙂

  • do you also get the buzz/ringing sound? how about smells? you seem to have vision, how sensitive are you? have you seen others light when their ready to go on, the brightness that follows them? i don't talk about this much, because when i was a child my father told me i was a witch, just like his mother, and i better stop it or i'll go to hell. have a good day. annie

    p.s. do you feel a change, like something major is suppose to happen? i'ts been bothering me, like i should be gathering my nuts (like squrriels).

  • Hi Annie,

    i used to get the buzzing / ringing sounds when i was " awakening" to higher consciousness.

    Alarms on houses and shops used to go off for no apparent reason as i walked by them and light switches used to hum. I used to literally hear the electricity flowing in the atmosphere.

    Once i accepted that i was sensitive psychically, the sounds dimmed and my life changed to unrecognizable proportions.

    I would suggest the feeling of needing to 'gather the nuts like sqirrels' represents the need to reign your spending in. It could be literal, of money or spending of your emotions.

    It usually represents something you need to store for a harsh period approaching and the need to stay warm. A 'wintry period' in life in general.


    Verdana 🙂

  • Just this week, I noticed something that looked like people walking across the highway except; they were like the heat when it rises from the pavement. I saw them in full form, I couldn't believe it! When I was a child, living in AR, I use see fire on the ground that reminded me of white gravel with a flame. Noone saw it but me. What is does this mean?

  • verdana,

    thanks for replying. the times i received this feeling were right before two natural disaters, one was a flood, another was a tornado (the tornado also came with a dream the night before the day it struck, but the feelings to prepare started about a week or so before it happened). that's why i take the feeling to gather so seriously, something is telling me to prepare, be ready. yet that if i tell anyone the'll think i am nuts!!!!!!

    i notice when i'm at high levels, their usally triggered by something, storms; furnerals (when there is a concentration of feelings); souls that are close by.

    the funny thing is , my grandmother use to tell me that the reason why some of use have this is because it comes frome our mother line. and the ones who carry the female line,have it. the ones who carry the father line, don't. it's part of a womans natural instinct. maybe we should test this old wives tale and see if it is true!!!!!!

    you have a great day, annie

  • blueeyesglow,

    you might want to check out einsteins theory on time(past,present and future all happen together), it's interesting. your gonna find alot of people can't see, and alot don't want to see. remember energy can not be created or destroyed, it just takes a different form. do you know the history of the area? maybe something happened there, maybe there is a message. for example : i lived in this very old house, i kept on seeing this woman standing next to the big oak tree in the back yard,but when you say hello she would disappear. also, i would constantly hear my name being called. my dog desides one day to dig this hole, she wouldn't stop!!!! to find in the hole she dug, there is a head stone. i did reasearch on our property to find out the church that was up the street was origanally on our property, the the graves were move. well needless to say they forgot some. my neighbors were right the house was haunted, i had to go and apologize to them all. annie

  • Being sensitive like this, can be quite a burden. The more you become aware of it, it seems the easier it is to understand.. These last couple of years have become very enlightening for me. I have smelled perfume in the oddest places. My left ear will buzz to the point where it feels like I have lost hearing in that ear. I sense good and bad energy. When it is bad I become so anxious, I have to get away. The warehouse I used to have my business in was filled with spirits. I saw them all the time. They were never evil. After awhile it seemed like second nature, though. Do you guys feel like this is becoming more and more common with people?

  • This is to Annienloey.... I agree with u when u said about gathering your nuts. Lately ive been getting this bad feeling that something that is out of our hands is going to happen. Something very tragic.... Now, pardon me if i sound like a pessemist im usually not. But its this feeling deep down in my gut. Im a Cancer and the ruling body part is the stomach. So whenever i get a hunch whether good or bad it comes from my gut.....

  • Mimi,

    i'm an aquarius, we usually don't worry about anything, it's not our nature to. but my medicine is OWL. my house sparrows have disapeared, the ferile cats have been on the move as if their looking for something, my yard has been full of crows, and the pigions where did they go??? their masters at getting a free meal. this is not because of global warming, these are species that can adjust to man's enviroment. i moved back to this area because there are no natural occurances. if you go up my street you can see the empire state building, as i said nothing happens here. but i feel change is about to come. i was talking to one of my customers, and he works for the cemetaries, now this man never talks about his job, but he even said: at work , alot of the workers get a spooky feeling as if the dead are restless. if you met this man, he never talks in this fashion.

    so i feel better to know at least there is someone who's feeling what i feel. annie


    Annie, i can't believe this gift comes just from the mothers line.

    My fathers side had it too. Premonitions are all part of it unfortunately for the ones who have a higher degree of awareness. It isn't always of a disaster but can often seem disastrous because of the effect it creates. Many premonitions are of something about to occur in the life of the 'dreamer' or 'seer.'

    Although i don't hesitate to believe there are some who are able to predict natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions because these things are of universal energy forces which sensitive people can attune to before any monitors.

    We are attuned to a higher frequency, similar to animals such as cats and some dogs as well as the wild creatures who exist in the forests and deserts etc...

    As you, and the others here say, it's an instinct as pure as the brains we were born with.

    Verdana 🙂

  • julybabe,

    i've had this all my life, it's helped me alot. as a child i knew the good people, and the bad people. i've always seem to be attacted to places that seem to be active. one condo we had, my brother inlaw and i were sitting at the dining room table and watched a man clear as day, walk from the front door into my bedroom. i've always felt safe, same as my children, but my husband is a different story. the condo, he felt one night in the bed as if he was being choked. i never told him how many times i would wake up to kiss on the cheek and a wisper ,the first few times it happened i thought it was him, until it happened when no one was there.the day we moved i wanted to check to make sure i didn't forget anything. well my husband wanted to leave so badly he didn't care what was left behind. my husband never beleives in any of this, but he can say when we were leaving is that he's so happy to be out of there.there was this house i almost bought,the deal of a life time.needed alot of work, but i knew it could be beautiful. it's been closed up for many grandmother begged me to feel the house before i bought it. well needless to say, i did what she asked, and not even 5 min. in the house i had to leave. it felt so evil, i was happy to get out of there.when i asked my grandmother about the house, she said not just the house but the whole property horrible things happened, every family horrible things happened to them. the preist wouldn't even go there, nobody local would buy it,and you would think the realtor would say "buy the way the house has a history of haunts to it". the house we have now feels like it couldn't wait to have a family move in. we found a little cross on the ground moving day, and my daughters feel so neighbors told us the people who owned the house were the nicest couple in the world, but never had children.the atmosphere in tis house is so good, every time you walk in the house it's like thank god i'm home. yah i agree with you not all haunts are evil. some are very good. annie

  • hi verdana,

    i'm so sorry i didn't explain it right. there are males who defedently have this, but their usually close to the higher female of the family. also most males have a harder time in mastering the gift as a son has it, and if you ask why he's spoiled so,the answer is that there is something that's special about him. but yes, i do question the old elders, and their sayings, my god we live in such a tecnical time, that their ways seem so primative. but is it realy? i've always woundered if that thought of the female line started because of jesus.he didn't have his earthly fathers line, but he did have is his mothers line, and that line had some very amazing women. but i also have to look at my grandmothers lineage (welsh, scottish, and native american, all lines that had traditionally celebrated a womans gift), or it could be as simple as: who are the first healer in our lives? our mother!!

    our gifts are special, many times they are blessings, many times they are warnings. either way it's suppose to help, open our did say it so well, it's instinct that's pure.

    i like your views, you give a reason for the season. and you make me look deeper into a subject, look at all angles. thank you!!!!!!!!! annie

  • Hi Annie,

    thanks for receiving my intended purpose for my reply.

    I too like to be given something to think about. Thanks for that.

    All of my family roots are in England but i have family in America who sadly, i have no way of contacting any more. Or maybe there is, it's such a small world really and the internet goes a long way to helping us connect with like minded people as well as those we might like to or need to have some contact with.

    I can relate totally to your house moves and what your husband went through . The house i now live in, when first viewed was warm and felt so welcoming and yet for the first few years i felt almost as if there was a jealous spirit there too.

    Within 3 months of moving in, my relationship of 4 years broke up and each time a friend came round they felt they were being pushed out of the seat where i normally sat. At one particular stage, i had to say out loud, ' i'm here to stay but my friends, male or female will always be welcomed or else i go.'

    I appreciate the energies aren't always good in every home and often are very difficult to remove because they believe they still have rights to it.

    Even spirit can be stronger than a priest. Even priests have guilt somewhere in their lives and if they fear facing that guilt they have fear. Spirit will always play with the guilt and fears of anyone, regardless of their status in life. The only way around it is to face it and to tell it, it has no right to be here. We all face what we need to when we're good and ready to and nothing or no-one will ever be able to force it upon us.

    Sorry, this post got a bit deeper than intended but my fingers flowed and couldn't stop.

    Which i suppose goes to show that even the most innocent of conversations can be astoundingly intelligent or completely bonkers whichever way one chooses to accept what is written.

    Hope you are well,

    verdana 😉

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