Can you help me with a bit of insight?

  • In January I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. It was the happiest day of my life. I finally had a son and my partner was right there beside me.

    All was good for the first week, then my partner attended a party without me. At around 10pm that night I began feeling unbelieveablly uneasy, sick.... My head was being bombarded by images.. Not so good ones!!! When my partner finally arrived home he looked ..... Guilty.... I still had this uneasy feeling but let it go. The next night he began calling out another woman's name in his sleep. Over the next 8 weeks he continued to talk to someone in his sleep and hearing some of the things he whispered in my ear really made me feel completely worthless. (mind you he was not talking to me.... he was talking ABOUT me). When I finally did confront him about all this he told me he had no idea who she was, nor could he remember the dreams. How convenient!!! Since then, there have been no other times. I still feel as though there is something not right.

    I need to know if I am being a fool by staying with this man. I look at him and I feel there is something he is hiding from me. He has become very distant in the last 5 weeks ever since he mentioned a female worker was back at work. Is there something I should know!!!


  • Hi New mum I am learning so please dont take this advice to heart, and I am sure a more experienced psychic could help better than me but after reading this I did however get these feelings....

    I certainly would not call you a fool, I beleive you should just trust you gut instincts as they are usually right and you will learn to use them later on in life more to your advantage and for others. Now, I feel his fears are coming out in his dreams, so please be wary of this. I feel this person does has some deep concerns about the relationship at hand only cause he doesnt know how to handle it all yet, its still abit over whelming for him as I feel he has been hurt or brusied badly in the past. I also felt his concerns on how to be a good farther. He does have alot of emotional feelings right now, So please, Dont push him to much. Take slow gentle steps with this man for the time being as you both need each other to learn and grow.

    I also feel there will be many pleasent events in store for your life to come, that will bring happiness and growth towards helping others.

    Love and blessing to you and your family.

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