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  • The other day i had a dream of wolves coming to this place where i was apparently staying at. Some place that was unfamiliar to me. It wasn't a cabin, but it was in the forest. Dream was a bit hazy lols. In the dream, when i saw the white wolves, i started to run inside because...well.. obvious reasons.. white wolf in the wild, what else would i do. I was with a friend but it was a friend that i dont think i really know in real life. we both started to run inside. Before we started to run inside, one white wolf looked at me and made direct eye contact with me, which was probably the most memorable thing to me in the dream. The friend tried to close the gate door to keep the white wolves out but some how the one white wolf that looked at me, got in. My friend and I went into another room, with the same kind of gate door, to hide from that one wolf. Friend closed the gate door. The wolf appeared and it just looked at me through the gate door and I woke up. Any ideas on what this means? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  • Hi MokaQueen,

    I'm no expert on dream analysis but I know how important our dreams are in our development, first thing I always ask myself is "how did I FEEL in this dream" and go from there,

    it sounds very much like the white wolf could be your animal guide and wanting to make contact,? how did you FEEL about him, was you very scared or did you feel he might be a friend?.... the place you were in maybe is telling you "are you seeing the wood from the trees?"....also what struck me was, is there a female in your life at moment who is trying to block something from you, or maybe just trying to protect you? did you feel about this friend, as you said you didn't really recognise her,...

    as I said, I'm no expert, but hope you get someone to help you with this.....

    blessings to you

  • Hi Healingways!

    Even though you're no expert at dream analysis, I truly appreciate your insight! The questions you asked allowed me to think more on other details of the dream. And yes, I really hope someone does help me with this.

    Here are my responses to your questions.

    how did I FEEL in this dream?

    ~Well i wasn't particularly scared, but more cautious since it's a wolf. the person with me seemed scared, sort of passing that small bit of worry onto me which made me want to get inside as well and her closing the gate.

    Animal guide?

    ~i've never known of animal guides. Can you elaborate more on that pls.

    how did you FEEL about him, was you very scared or did you feel he might be a friend?

    ~I wasn't particularly scared. just worried since i didn't know why the white wolf was following us and staring at me.

    the place you were in maybe is telling you "are you seeing the wood from the trees?"

    ~As for the forest, it was quite a dark scene. clear night sky with light from the moon. I'm not quite sure what to get from that.

    is there a female in your life at moment who is trying to block something from you, or maybe just trying to protect you?

    ~And i dont know any female at the moment who could be blocking something from me or what they could be protecting me from. In what regards do you mean by protect?

    how did you feel about this friend, as you said you didn't really recognise her,...

    ~This friend in the dream. i wasn't quite sure how I was feeling about that person since we were both just trying to get away fom the white wolf. and in the dream i was focused on why the wolf stared at me.

    ~Warm Regards and thanks,


  • Hi MokaQueen.

    Thats very interesting the the person you were with felt the fear and passed it on to you....I really hope someone can elaborate on this for you, but I feel it's still a positive dream for you as you yourself did not feel the fear....

    Animal spirit guides come to us to teach us things and qualities that can help us, by learning about all we can about the animal that comes to us in our dreams, especially if the dream feels very profound to us, like yours must have been because you came on here to want to know the meaning :)....I just did a little search to find out about a wolf guide and I am posting the info I found for you....hope it helps....


    The wolf has been much misunderstood and maligned in history and is not the vicious intruder of western fairy tales. The wolf is a shy, yet very sociable creature with strong rules of behavior. Fear of the wolf is perhaps born when its eerie howl raises the hackles on our neck and in our souls. Maybe we do not fear the wolf at all, but only the wild nature within ourselves. To American Indians, the wolf is said to be "teacher" medicine. We study wolfs ways of hunting and their social structure. The wolf is associated with the Dog Star, Sirus and some cultures belief humans came from this distant star. Wolf populations are threatened in the lower 48 states, but abundant in Alaska and Canada. Wolf has much to teach us, if only we will listen.


    Wolves live in a communal structure like humans. The Alpha male and female lead a strict social order. Next in the order are Beta wolves who do not breed and serve as nursemaids for pups of the pack. The Omega wolf is at the bottom rung and is the 'scapegoat' in situations when the pack is being attacked. Often the Omega wolf is forced not to eat when food is scarce. If wolf has entered the forest of your mind, it may be to teach you that all things in nature have order amid chaos and to accept your duties in life, whether they be leadership roles or otherwise, with humility and strength.

    The wolf spirit teaches us to have balance between your personal needs and those of the family and community. Wolves are absolutely committed and loyal to the pack and find their place within the group. If wolf exhibits these traits, it may mean that you must examine your function within the community and loyalty. It may also be a sign to bring better balance to the varied interests of self, family and community.

    The hunting techniques of wolves served as an example for many tribes who copied them. Members of the pack form 'tag teams' who take turns chasing prey to exhaust the prey before themselves. Packs are known to have run over thirty miles a day in pursuit. Cooperation in achieving a common goal is the message conveyed here.

    Wolves have developed many ways to communicate by body language and vocally. Facial expressions, tail and ear movements, body posture, teeth bearing, eye squinting and scratching are part of their vocabulary. Vocally, a wide variety of growls, yelps, whines and howls make up a sophisticated system of communication. Wolf language helps the pack to identify and locate its members, establish territorial boundaries, give instruction, request assistance, sound warnings, teach the young, and generally to bring cohesion and unity to the pack. If a wolf or wolves have entered your physic, you are fortunate to have an animal spirit to knows the importance of communication and one that will find many ways to make their messages know to you. This ability to communicate may be a sign to hone your own speaking skills to effectively relate your feelings and ideas in a good way - to pray, sing and dance in praise of the blessings of the Creator.

    When a lone wolf is seen the wild it symbolizes freedom. When seen in a pack it represents community. If wolf appears to you alone or in a pack it is asking you to acquire the same within your own life.

    The primal and piercing howl of the wolf sometimes is marking their territory boundaries. If you hear a wolf howl it might be telling you to stand your ground and defend your boundaries.

    Wolves have great stamina and strength. They do not fight needlessly and often avoid fighting whenever possible. Wolf teaches to know who you are and to develop strength and confidence.

    Wolf is associated with the lunar influences and energies that rule psychic perception. They teach us to respect our emotions and face the darkness within.

    The wolf is ritualistic. It knows the importance of regular lunar howling ceremonies and daily social rituals designed to communicate needs and express feelings. The message of your wolf spirit may be to honor the forces of spirituality and connect with the life forces of Mother Earth.

    I just meant in the regards of protect was that the friend in the dream was the one wanting to close the gate, I said I hope someone can tell you more on this, it sounds like a very wonderful profound learning dream to me, and overall I feel this dream was quite a positive dream and the wolf staring at you was it just wanted to get your attention to maybe learn something from him šŸ™‚

    I truly hope you get your answers šŸ™‚

    blessings to you



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