So You Want To Know About Intuition?

  • Intuition is the quiet inner voice or feeling that consistently guides us toward being and doing our best in every moment. So how do we know that voice or feeling is truly authentic? That it belongs to us? That we are getting the “right” information?

    Here are 10 indicators to help you know your authentic intuition.

    1. Intuition is a whisper—not a shout. True intuition will not compete to be heard—it simply is. It is a feeling, a nuance, an inkling, a subtle knowingness that is always accessible but not always acknowledged. The speed of life has a lot to do with your ability to understand and work with your inner wisdom. Chances are that if your intuition is shouting at you, it is time to acknowledge that that light really is the oncoming train.

    2. There is a sense of calmness and certainty in the intuitive awareness. While it is not always easy to trust intuition at first (mostly because that is not a generally accepted practice of socialization in our formative years), there is a feeling of confidence in the intuitive insight. Authentic intuition just feels right when it is.

    3. Your body experiences “breathing” in all ways. When we are in a state of fear, stress, confusion, or indecision, our bodies are tight, our breathing is shallow, and we can be distracted. Experiencing our authentic intuition leads to a release of that heavy or constricted sensation. When our intuition gives us the information or answer that is needed, we feel a particular lightness, a freshness, a sense of breathing again—literally.

    4. It seems like your “life glass” just got cleaned. The world is brighter and cleaner, shapes are sharper, even smells seem sweeter. Your intuitive insight has gifted you with clarity; the distractions to appreciating your world are gone. Your vision and your senses are connected again to the world outside of you due to your intuitive direction. If you suddenly notice that your spring cleaning never did get sprung, you know you have had a solid intuitive connection. (So that is the upside of noticing housework. . . .)

    5. The solution feels easy and natural. When your intuition gives you a genuine answer, there is a gentle and relaxed energy. This guidance can feel like permission or maybe even forgiveness. The insight is personal, and you know it to be true like you know being your own gender—completely natural and in sync with who you are at your essence. When it is authentic intuition, the message is effortlessly just for you.

    6. True intuition will not harm you (or anyone else, for that matter!). Your inner wisdom is a compass guiding you toward what is in your best interest at all times. It is impossible for authentic intuition to share space with negativity or malicious intention. Intuition serves only your best and highest good. Your intuition may direct you to do something that you may not want to do but that is ultimately helping you. For example, it may be time to release a relationship, which may hurt either party, but overall, it is a disservice to prolong a relationship that has served its purpose. The healthy cycle of life (birth, living, dying) is inherent in every part of life and is inexorably linked with every phase of our lives—including intuition. The bottom line is that bad things do not come from good intuition!

    7. The intuitive insight conveys creativity in being. Sometimes intuition is baffling in what it communicates, which could be a symptom of not knowing your internal intuitive language, or it could be that you are not quite ready to assimilate that information. Intuition is amazingly creative and yet perfectly simple. If something pops in seemingly from out of nowhere but addresses exactly what is needed in a kind, gracious, undiluted, and perhaps unfamiliar way, it is a message to be taken seriously.

    8. Authentic intuition speaks in repetition. Intuition often shows up as consistent messages, such as hearing a word or phrase, seeing it in a magazine, then passing a picture of it on a billboard. There are no coincidences, only synchronicities. Many intuitive insights appear in dreams, where our conscious minds cannot censor the messages. Intuition will pass if you do not listen as it has no enforceable interest in being heard. Additionally, exercising free will in making choices overrides even the best intuition. However, if something shows up often for you, it is time to take notice. If you ignore an important intuitive message, it will show up again bigger and louder until you cannot miss it. (Much like the movie Groundhog Day, it is a do-over until you get it right!)

    9. There is a sense of “flow” opening up in other ways. The purpose of authentic intuition is to help pull you forward in being your best. It creates space for your life to move in a dynamic, positive way. Things will start lining up easily and effortlessly. There is a new sense of open energy, ready to receive what is being attracted to you. Authentic intuition is to your life what water is to an ocean—it is an integral, changing element that creates, reinvents, and connects all parts of itself by being and “flowing.” When intuition is flowing, it is likely that your life is too.

    10. Manifestation blooms around you. We are the creators of our life experiences. Intuition is a vital tool that illuminates all that is available to us in our relationships between our inner and outer worlds. Authentic intuition helps us to distill the bigger picture into something meaningful and accessible in our everyday lives. As a conscious creation instrument, intuition helps us manifest what we need and desire; upon connecting with authentic inner wisdom, you will know the power when you see (and acknowledge) the richness of what is manifesting around you.

    What to Do When You 'Get' Your Intuitive Signs

    This is truly the greatest place for actively participating in the positive change choices that are possible and opening in your life—it is the awareness of the messages that are meant just for you. When your intuition is authentically speaking to you, and you hear it (or see it, feel it, know it, etc.), it is the time when you get to make a choice from your full knowingness. This choice will be demonstrated through your thoughts, words, actions, behavior, and therefore your results.

    It’s not generally a question of right or wrong choice because each individual choice point that you make from your intuition takes you down a different path. For example, when it is a choice between eating cake or a salad, your intuition will tell you what is better for you in the moment—and it could be either one, depending on what is happening in your life! If your best choice is cake, you will have one path, and if your best choice is salad, it is simply a different path, neither being likely to hurt you in the moment. However, you must exercise free will to follow the recommendation of your intuition. Additionally, over time, if you extend your journey on each of these paths, the result will be a very different experience (and one of them likely will result in love handles!).

    The most important action you can take when you are in awareness of your intuition is to acknowledge and honor it. If you suppress, avoid, or reject it, you are setting up a process by which you are not only hiding from yourself, but you become unable to trust your own inner wisdom. When that happens, you may feel indecisive, disconnected, empty, or even lost, like you do not recognize yourself and do not know how to “come home.”

    So what happens if you miss, or do not “get,” your intuitive signs? Worse, what if you think you do not have any? In this case, relax—your intuition is always with you. It is a part of the fabric of who you are, and when you want to access that part of yourself, it is waiting for you. If it has been a while since you honored your inner guidance, you will have to relearn its language. You may have to take a little extra time and create a quiet space to slow down to the speed of your inner self, but like all your other natural body parts, trust that your inner guide is always there for you.

    Learning to appreciate and act from your intuition is a process. It takes practice, patience, and presence with your own inner guidance. Slow down to be aware of your inner voice as it is expressing itself right now—it is well worth the investment.

    Article by Lynn Scheurell

  • The following steps will help you to tune into and develop your natural intuition.

    1. To begin, become aware of how your intuition naturally surfaces. It will emerge primarily through your thoughts, your emotions, your body or your spirit essence.

    If you receive intuitive information through your emotions you are an emotional intuitive. You are empathetic and feel what others feel. You give from the heart and most likely you long for a deep authentic loving relationship with a soul mate. Emotional intuitives believe that love can conquer all and are usually sympathetic, compassionate and sometimes vulnerable partners.

    A mental intuitive intuits through their thoughts. They often intuit the opinions views and ideas of others. They see the big picture, and their intuitive ability inspires creative ideas and solutions to problems. In relationships mental intuitives need to feel understood, accepted and acknowledged for their keen perception and insight. They tend to be nonjudgmental, open minded and interesting partners.

    If you are a physical intuitive you likely absorb the energy of others and the environment into your body. A physical intuitive will often experience their intuition as gut feelings or spontaneous aches and pains. Upon first meeting another they may for no known reason experience tingling shivers up their spine or their stomach may churn and somersault. In relationships a physical intuitive demonstrates love through touch, hugs, hand holding and sexual intimacy.

    A spiritual intuitive receives intuitive energy in less tangible ways than the other three types. They may receive intuitive information about their family members and friends in their dreams or through instantaneous impressions. These types of intuitives will sometimes "see" family members who have passed over and they may have visions of the future or of events in distant places. In relationships a spiritual intuitive is likely to fall in love at first sight, be spontaneous, insightful and wise.

    2. However your intuition emerges, listen to it. Trust your initial impressions. It is often the first impulse you have about another, even before you know much about them that is the most accurate. Make it a habit to check in and listen for your intuitive responses.

    You might want to tune into the signals of your particular intuitive type.

    If you are an emotional intuitive notice how you feel around others. Are you quickly comfortable, calm, stressed or anxious? Do you feel opened hearted or self protective?

    If you are a mental intuitive you might hear an inner voice telling you that either something is not "right" or that you can relax and trust. Another common intuitive signal for the mental intuitive is an idea or thought that quietly but persistently keeps surfacing.

    If you are a physical intuitive check tune into your physical boy. Do you feel tight, tense or relaxed? Do you develop headaches or stomach pains around certain people or situations?

    A spiritual intuitive will often intuit in his or her dreams. If you suspect you are a spiritual intuitive, before you go to sleep at night ask for a dream that will help you to understand a particular person or situation. When you wake notice your initial feelings and thoughts and if you can recall a dream, write it down. If you do not understand it, seek help in interpreting it. You might find that it holds valuable information.

    3. Once you become aware of an intuitive sensation or impression, spend some time alone where you can be undisturbed and further tune in. Focus within and ask for the message or meaning behind the intuitive sensations. Listen and try not to logically figure this out. Breathe, relax and become receptive. Then trust what you receive.

    Be honest about your desires and expectation, about another or a relationship. Your expectations of another will muffle your ability to listen to important vital intuitive information. Be willing to know the truth and release your desired outcome.

    Once you consciously begin to develop and align yourself with your intuition, the intuitive messages, sensations and impressions will increase. Be patient with yourself and the process. With time and practice your intuition will strengthen and become more clear and accurate.

    Article by Sherrie Dillard

  • Hey captain very interesting i noticed i do all of them but own the dreams sometimes like about work i have been shown in dreams but they didn't make any since till it hits in the time it is happening have had that several times but most of the time i ask and get weird dreams here lately its been dreaming about people who have already crossed over and like we were doing things together here weird i have had several of them the last month or so i did ask my guides to holler at me to get my attention the only time i was ever hollered at was when that time about keeping the kids inside but that was the only time for that still don't know why but when i don't listen to that voice it usually cost me one way or the other but it has never been anything bad from it sometimes i can not see the purpose right then but i listen to it except when i am worrying or in fear i can not hear it and its always like nothing is going right ,but things do work smother when i listen and do it it always works better. Tooter

  • Very true, Tooter.

  • Hi, Learning to use your intuition is good info. Not all the info we receive is good. The hardest to process is evil which is present. What are your thoughts on this. Also, I'll have dreams of people I know very well then later wake-up and say, who are these people. Your thoughts on this, also.

  • Dalia, I think the word 'evil' conjures up disproportional visions of nightmares and monsters, when the darkness is really only negativity, fear, and ignorance. I think scary movies make us afraid of evil when it really should just be pitied and helped into the light.

    Those people in your dreams are probably souls you knew in other lives. I often dream of people and places who are very familiar in the dream but who seems strange when i wake up.

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