Need a reading can someone help?

  • I need a reading and was wondering if some of you guys can help me out

    thank you

  • sorry guys i still need a reading so if someone can kindly helpout

    here is the situation, I finally kind of ask this guy of where we are going with things? and the answer he gave me is something i knew all along. Now i regret asking him and feel bad about it. I just want to know if we can still have a positive relationship ( i mean friendship) after this conversation or is going to drawn as apart

  • If having a friendship with him wont interfere with your healing and moving on from him then there shouldn't be a problem.

    It's always nice to have some space after situations like these, so you can breath and heal.

    Don't feel bad about asking him, you felt you had to do it and now it's done, no need to feel bad, you deserve to know where things were standing with him, granted HE should have told you but alas, now you can heal.

    There are better fish in the sea in store for you. 😉

  • here is the dob mine is sept 12 1985 and his is july 12 1979

    hope this will help

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