Scorpios please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How do you know when a scorp is testing you or when he is truly upset with you and how can you prove your loyalty and that you are truly sorry for the hurt you have caused him.

  • Im a scorpio female. You really can't tell when a scorp is testing you . But when were upset with you " You will know" . I know with me . Ill straight cut someone off or ignore them until they figure out they did something to hurt me . Honesty with me if you hurt me in anyway all i need is the person to apologize. After that everything is cool with me. But remember every scorp is different . I have a high tolerance when it comes to me getting mad about something . I only really get upset when I feel that someone is trying to get over on me or takes my kindness for weakness. ( Which rarley ever happens ) So just give the situation sometime. Then apologize . Only if you feel like you did something wrong . Im a scorpio but Im a woman first! If a guy did something to hurt your feelings think the situation through first . ... Hope this helps a little . Good luck ....

  • thanks Kaplow! I did apologize the very next day. B/c I am a virgo who attempts to understand EVERYTHING, I didn't understand my scorps actions(needing space) and b/c he didn't explain much to me it left me to assume and we all know what assuming does! Well long story short he ended our relationship and wanted to be friends and said I was so wonderful and he wanted me to remain in his life, but he hurt me with his actions so I wanted him to feel my pain and said something hurtful about his past relationships and he told me it hurt him and he felt I always thought that...he has a GREAT relationship and I do want it back and I know he loved me and he wanted the relationship, even said he was crazy about me, but right now I just want him to stop "hating" me and I would like to have him in my life as a friend and as you think that is possible??? I have apologize many times and I sent him a fareweill gift(he is moving away), I would have loved to take him out, but things are different between us now.

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