Can someone give me a reading about my new job- Thank you!

  • Hi there,

    My name is Ashley and I am very excited about starting a new job that I have been offered as a PR consultant.

    I am supposed to start training on Oct. 11 but the problem is that there have been several delays in getting started and I would like to know if I should expect any further delays. I also would like some general insight on what this job will be like for me and if there is anything that I need to look out for.

    Thanks in advance! I appreciate any and all responses!

  • Hello WhatADoll,

    You can expect two more delays , I sense by Novemer 15th that you will be well on your way with this training and company, something about teachers is the delay that is being caused. I hear the name of Harriett here and this woman feels rather stiff at first in nature but can be won over with a show of kindness and understanding. There is one young woman blonde and curly hair that is a real joybug to be around.

    The job is secure I feel you will be moved to another area though once you have completed your training and you will feel tension at first until you get your feet under you, than honey you will show them just what you can do and will begin to climb the ladder to better positions and salary in the next year.

  • Thank you very much for the reading! I am really forward to this and I will keep my eyes open for the things that you have mentioned.

    Thanks again, and take care!

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