Tired of the yo-yo life

  • Just hoping someone will have some insight on how to change a unstable yo-yo life. Or to just get over it & accept it & find peace in it.

    Going up & down in every aspect....financial, relationships, careers......everything.

    Even from child hood.....constant moving & new friends at every turn. Lots of jobs & even vehicles. Maybe most importantly the loss of every real love relationship I have had which is one area I would LOVE to stabilize....finding my soul mate.

    I feel like I just can't take it anymore & pray for the loneliness & unsettledness to change.

    I have really tried so many different avenues to work hard at creating a great attitude & life that I want but no matter what I feel like I am always blowing in the wind.

  • Have you any knowledge of the Law Of Attraction?

  • No.....what is that about....oh wait maybe you get back what you put out?

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