Blmoon please read

  • you said i will be surprised by a man who is interested in me, do you know the mans name and when will i meet him?

  • If I told you that would it be a surprise? Sorry, but being psychic isn't being all knowing and spirit gives what is best and there is your responsability to learn the lessons and do the work and have the faith. PATIENCE. It's that neediness that keeps you in a state of loss and craving and rejection. Change your perspective. I get the name Steve as being important for you but not so sure he is the future surprise. You will meet the surprise love when you let go and get on with your life--concentrate all on YOU and meeting goals and then that new energy will attract him--I can tell you it will be a six month window of opportunity starting this month and Spirit gives no exact date as otherwise you would not live your life and work towards being self reliant. Impatience is not going to work for you now. Your life is not all about a man to make you complete---don't give away your power. You are young and it is harder to explain but I think you understand about energy and vibes so let me put it this way. You attract what you putt out there. The more you crave and reach the more that energy pulls from your grasp. BUT if you get busy with projects and events you really love--feel confident and complete in having joy without a man THEN love comes after you. You have more power to attract love than you acknowledge. You can keep asking on these posts and eventually you will hear what you want to hear but you will not "change" without excepting the lesson behind your need to KNOW. BLESSINGS

  • one of my very good friends name is steven

  • Spirit probably gave me that name to validate the message as you still were not sure of getting the right answer. Also, it may mean that steven has good advice--so if that rings true then listen to him. Spirit just gave me the name saying he was important to you. BLESSINGS

  • You know what i decided that no one can predict the future for me because you know what i am taking control in making my own destiny. None of you people know nothing about me

  • Well it's obviouse you are moody! Sorry, couldn't resist Blessings--you go! I hope you do get your man!

  • thanks but you know i gotta start thinking for myself

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