I need help

  • Need physic help.... I like a girls boyfriend that I go to school with ,but not to sure what to do...will tomm be a good day or bad ????

  • Dear Haylieg5

    You will in the course of school life find that you like more than one of your girlfriends boyfriends. If you value her friendship and know that it is a steady thing, than keep your distant and just admire him. He may come available after the breakup if there is one, than you can proceed to let him know you are interested in him , if you still are that is. I sense a young man coming in around you that is rather shy and wears glasses , smart as a whip this one is, he has a good sense of humor and will make you laugh, I feel the letter A in his name. Give him a chance, you just may be happy you did.

    Asking a question will tomm be good or bad? That depends on you and how you look at life and what you project from your inner self. If it raining and you feel down about it, than you may project a sense of being blue to those around you, if however you are happy no matter what the weather is , than you can make it a good day by being cheerful and sunny to those around you. Get yourself involved in something you really like to do, singing, music, art, whatever you feel would make you smile to even enter the room to perticaipate in what will follow.

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